10 Benefits of Buying a Home with a Pool

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If you are planning to buy a home with a pool then this article will be helpful for you to understand the benefits of buying a home with a pool. With over 300+ days of great weather in Las Vegas, Las Vegas homes with a pool  are always in demand. 



1. Engaging more with the family

With the introduction of technology and launch of devices we all have been spending less time with our family. You may be with your family most of the time but do you remember spending quality time with them without any devices in your hand. It is difficult to answer right? There are so many distractions at home like TV, gadgets, mobile phones, iPads etc.

All these electronic devices take us away from the natural ways of entertainment one of them could be swimming. Yes, when you buy a house with a pool, you can enjoy quality time in the pool with your family. Your entire family would enjoy the clear and refreshing water in the pool.

When you have a home with a pool, your family would not be attracted to other distractions that include electronic devices and gadgets. You can see your family enjoying, smiling, laughing and spending a lot of time together. You can see that the pool is offering a special bond among family members. It will bring the entire family together.


2. Reduces stress

One of the main benefits of buying a home with a pool can be reducing your stress to a greater extent. Yes, you can get rid of your daily work stress or any other stress when you are in enjoying in pool with your family members. Splashing fresh water can eliminate your stress completely.

3. Promotes fitness

Many people who decide to buy a home with a pool often have it their mind to stay fit with the help of swimming. It is enjoyable as well as it helps stay fit as swimming is the best exercise to stay fit. Of course if you have children at home, they can reap the benefits from swimming pool. You can let your children spend 4-5 hours in swimming pools rather than sitting in front of screen for hours together. It is indeed an entertaining activity especially during hot summers when the pool water can provide relief from hot and rising temperatures.

4. Beneficial to put kids to bed

Those having children/grandchildren at home know that it is tough time putting children to sleep especially during summer vacations. They are less tired as vacation time is going on and they go to bed quite late. In such cases if you have a home with a pool, the kids can spend quality time in the pool. It offer exercise plus they will be exhausted and will go to sleep at the right time.

5. Enjoy social life

If you love being around people, you are part of activity groups, and then having a house with a pool would certainly help you enjoy a community life. You can invite your group to have a chit chat in the pool or organize a barbecue after the swimming session. This will help you enjoy a social life with your groups and friends and pools in such cases will bring you closer to your friends and family.

6. Help growing children spend more time at home

If you are parents to older children then you may face the common problem of children not spending more time at home and they rather spend a lot of time with their friends. As a parent of course you will be worried of them getting into bad habits or getting into company of wrong friends. Having a house with pool can certainly help you spend quality time with your friends.

7 .Increased value of property with a pool

According to realtors the house with a pool adds value to the property. If you think a house with a pool will bring down the value of your property you are wrong because it is not the case.

8. Water therapy

Of course having a pool inside your house gives you the opportunity to indulge in exercise. A lot of people who suffer from back pain, cerebral palsy and other health ailments have got healthy benefits from having a house with swimming pool.

9. Way to attract grandchildren home

There are many grandparents who opt this idea to attract their grandchildren. Many grandchildren do not stay with their grandparents and as the grandparents often think of meeting their grandchildren, they buy a house with a swimming pool so that they can their grandchildren are attracted to the swimming pool and they often visit them.

10. For home animals

If you are a home animal who loves staying at home rather than travelling or spending time with others, then having a swimming pool certainly is your best companion. You can just enjoy the fresh water in your swimming pool and spend time with your family.

There are people who are not party animals rather they enjoy staying at home and just relishing in the pool and spending your leisure time can help you relax, exercise and cherish.


It is quite beneficial to have a house with a pool as swimming is one of the best exercises to stay fit. Having your own pool can give you the opportunity to engage in swimming whenever you want. You can easily keep the pool water clean. In public places, hygiene and cleanliness cannot be assured. It is your private pool that can be kept clean and you can enjoy swimming. You don’t have to own the subscription of a swimming club to enjoy water therapy. You can just can jump into your pool and relax. In hot summers, it will be the best way to spend time even when you are back home from work or during weekends. So, you have access to swimming pool 24 hours and it is indeed a healthy fitness regime that many doctors recommend their patients.

Keep fit and enjoy refreshing water to burn out extra calories and wash out the stress. It is a complete health package.


A home that comes with its own pool sounds like the ultimate dream house for most of us. According to statistics, in the US the number of homes with pools is steadily increasing every day, a factor that might be contributing to this number is global warming. During summer the weather tends to get really warm and the idea of taking a quick dip in the swimming pool to help keep cool is very appealing. There are 3 main types of pools: Above–Ground Pools, Vinyl Pools and Gunite Pools. Gunite Pools are In-Ground pools and they form a permanent part of the structure. They can be constructed by the home owner in absolutely any shape provided that there is enough room. Vinyl Pools more often than not are rectangular in shape, they are cheaper to build than Gunite since the vinyl is what lines the pool. Above-Ground pools aren’t permanent; hence they don’t add much value to the property. An Above-Ground Pool is the cheapest and the easiest option since it’s portable and can be removed when not needed. A quick advantage of it is that you can install it by yourself in a few days using DIY kits without the need for any specialists, thereby making it an even more budget friendly option.

So, should you purchase a house that comes with a swimming pool? I definitely think you should, and an important point to remember here is that if even a tiny part of you wants a swimming pool or if you intend on building one maybe when you have children of if you have toddlers then when they grow up, then it will be much much cheaper for you to buy a house now that already has a pool instead of building one by yourself later.

If you live in a country that does not experience Winter then a pool is obviously great, but even if you do experience Winter and the other seasons then there are still about five months of the year during which you can make maximum use of your pool. Of course, if you have an indoor pool then you can enjoy it all around the year without fretting about the weather.

Some major benefits that come with buying a home with a pool are listed below:

Through many surveys it was concluded that a swimming pool or the opportunity to be able to swim is something most people look for while deciding where they want to go on a holiday. By having your own pool, you reduce the cost of holidaying elsewhere (by having a ‘staycation’ in which you enjoy the benefits provided to you by your home) and when you do want to travel you can look for other interesting attractions such as wildlife instead of looking for swimming pools.

In this era, where children are refusing to spend time outdoors and instead want to spend all of their time with gaming consoles and mobile phones, having a swimming pool might just be the thing that will force them to do some physical activity and leave their consoles aside for a while at least. Time spent in the swimming pool can be considered as quality time with family, it is important for children to learn the value of family and appreciate what has been given to them, these things can be taught to them and even minute disputes among family members can be settled during the regular time that is spent at the pool. The pool provides a fun, safe and encouraging environment for children and even adults to voice out their fears and tackle difficult concerns.

It is not only necessary for children to do physical activity, as an adult, exercise has to be one of your top priorities as well. Despite eating nutritious food, your body needs some form of exercise to help you lead a long and healthy life. You can incorporate swimming into your daily routine and make it part of your way of life, in this way you will save time that would have been spent travelling to fitness centers and you will also save money that otherwise would have been spent on expensive gym memberships. With the internet at your fingertips you can find a wide range of exercises and activities that can be performed at the swimming pool so that you don’t get bored of doing the same thing every day. Swimming is also an effective and fun way to burn calories and shed some stubborn pounds. Some people even claim that swimming keeps their stress levels low and this is no surprise. Being in water in known to make you calmer and is a natural stress reduction technique.

Most home owners also feel that a swimming pool is good for the aesthetics, given that it is at a good spot and maintained regularly your home will look great because of it. Having a pool will also make your house the ‘hot spot’ for your friends and relatives and even for neighbors. If this is something you would enjoy then that’s terrific otherwise you can always politely refuse. If you are open to having people over to use your pool then it might be a fun experience for you and your family as your social life will definitely improve and you’ll be giving the opportunity for other people to experience some fun as well. The more people there are, the merrier it is! Always remember to have a few ground rules laid out when there are a lot of people to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Another reason people like having their own pool is that they are not forced to abide by any dress code, long garments are discouraged in general but other than that it’s your wish! Having a pool at home also makes your property sought after and in general houses that have swimming pools tend to have higher resale values than other houses.


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