Worried about What Will Happen when you Retire?

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How many years away until you will retire?  It used to be the answer was usually 65, but as time has passed, retirement is all over the board.

While 65 is still popular, many figure out how to retired in their 50s, while others are sure that they will work into their 70s.

And then there's the question of when to begin drawing Social Security Benefits.

As both a Realtor and a Financial Strategist -- active in both for more than fifty years -- I have seen many examples in each of the categories: Before 65, at 65, and well into their 70s.

None seems to have benefits that isn't offset by unanticipated problems over which the subject has no real control.

I did a video about the scariness of this subject as it now stands today.

I'd like to share it with you, primarily because it could help you properly prepare for your decision.




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