Looking For Houses Can Be The Same As Looking For A Black Skirt

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I can remember once a wanted a black skirt to wear to a special occasion.  I couldn't really describe it but I would know it when I saw it!

Looking for houses can be the same way.

However, in the case of my skirt, I knew I didn't want any other color than black---so I could eliminate every other color.  I knew it was a special occasion so I had to cross off that really cute black jean skirt.  I knew it had to fit.  No sense buying a skirt that I couldn't squeeze into or a skirt that was so big I didn't know what to do with it all.

And it had to be in my budget.  I had a certain amount to spend and that was it.  So maybe I couldn't look in the name brand stores.   But I knew I needed that skirt.

When you are looking for that house, the one,  sometimes it is easier to start by eliminating.  
For instance, if you don't need 4 bedrooms so why bother to look.  Or maybe you need a certain school district so eliminate everything that isn't in that school district.

Is it in your budget?   You will need a professional to help you with that?  Based on how much of a payment you can qualify for, that will determine what perimeters you will have to stay in.

What others things do you want or don't want?

  • Big Back Yard
  • Little Back Yard
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Fireplace
  • HVAC
  • Cul-De-Sac
  • Stack Bedrooms
  • Split floor plan
  • Brick house
  • Attached garage
  • Detached garage
And the list goes on and on.   
When I try to help people walk through the process of what is really important to them I start with the BIG 5.
What are the 5 things that are deal breakers for you?  Write them down.  Then analyze them and put them in order.  The number #1 thing you must have might be 3 bedrooms.  If you can't get 3 bedrooms it is a deal breaker.  And go through your list to refine your most important things.
Use that approach and the elimination approach at the same time.  This is save you hours or time, gas and aggravation.  
Sometimes I hear people say when they look at the pictures online---I can't really tell so let's go look at it anyway.  Ninety-nine times out of 100 it is a waste of time.
Listen to your Realtor.  We have the experience to look at the listing/pictures and determine whether or not----based on what you have told me---whether or not you will like the house.
I know if this is your first house and you are excited, every house you look at online is like candy in a candy store and you want to see them all.  But remember my skirt story. Cross off the ones that you KNOW won't work and we can talk about the rest to determine if we should go see it.
The importance of getting pre-qualified is major.  Whether you have me do it or someone else, that is step 1 in this whole process (right after you pick me as your Realtor :)). 
Let's meet and put it all together for you and get you into that new house!  If you don't think you are quite ready, let's still meet and put together a plan.
Just so you know I have a partner that speak Spanish so don't be afraid to respond!
Pamela Madore
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