The Rule of 3

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As this is the weekend of TRIATHLON, I've been thinking a lot about the rule of 3.

Everything happens in 3's. Or you can break all good things up into thirds.

Think of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

The beginning, the middle and the end.

The Sun, the Moon, the Earth.

The past, present and future.


To be successful at anything, you must follow a 3 part process:


SKILLS - When we think of skills, these can be taught and learned, acquired over time, honed. For a triathlon, you must learn how to swim, bike, run. But also to pace yourself, acquire endurance, manage your breathing, build strength.

In your business, have you learned how to speak to people, what to say? How often to say it? Have you memorized your scripts? Are you taking the appropriate classes? Constantly learning and growing, not stagnant.

What are you learning and practicing and mastering? What experiences make you better? who are you studying that has the skills you'd like to have? Are you studying someone who has acquired the skills and accomplished the things you would like to accomplish? Do you know the gap you have in your skills between where you are today and where you wish to be?

NUTRITION - The body needs fuel to perform. The right kind of fuel. Similar to a car which needs gas to advance, the human body must be taken care of to properly operate.

In a triathlon, you must train your body to respond to extended exertion and modify and adapt to weather and other circumstances. We must eat properly leading up to and during the triathlon. We must have enough (but not too much) sleep. We avoid drinking alcohol or anything that will alter our mood. We spend time with like-minded individuals who have the same lifestyle and goals and desires. We avoid spending time with those who cause us to stray from our preferred lifestyle.

In your business, are you working toward honing your skills by putting yourself in the right environments? Do you avoid distractions or do you allow yourself to partake in activities which do not move your business forward? Do you treat your business as if it were your own? When we own something, we tend to take better care of it.

With whom are you surrounded? Do you seek out masters in your interest field? Do you ask the right questions? What are you reading and listening to? How do you spend your "off" hours - do you regulate your eating, drinking, sleeping, learning?


MINDSET - Even with all the skills obtained and the proper nutrition, your must be in control of your mind to achieve the greatest accomplishments and reach enlightenment. Our mindset is one thing that cannot be taught. It can only be learned. The teacher is not a teacher until the student has learned. You must make mental, daily decisions to proceed on your path. The path to succeed is often not well paved. And many times, you must create the path.

In a triathlon, you could have trained extensively, built amazing muscle, have tons of endurance, eat, drink and sleep properly. But on the day of the race, in order to perform, you must truly believe.

In your business, have you decided you believe in the product, the service, the person? Do you have a Mission, Vision and Values that guide your mind? Do you come to work daily with a positive mindset or one that lack optimism? Do you believe you can contribute, make a difference and leave a legacy?

How are you holding yourself accountable? What do you believe in? What do you think about and how do you control it?


Questions to ask yourself:

What tools do you need? - skills

Who do you need to spend time with? nutrition

Who would you have to become? mindset



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