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The Beginning

It was getting cramped in the double wide mobile home.

Michael and Seth were in bunk beds in one room and Isaiah and Emily shared the other.

Fortunately, that was on the other side of the house from our master bedroom. 😁

On those cold winter days when the kids didn’t get a chance to go outside, the open living room/kitchen/dining room got a bit noisy.

Fortunately, real estate was took off in 2008 and we got the thumbs up to look for a home.

It was a simple matter: the BIGGEST house for our budget. (those 4 kids ain't gonna get any smaller!)

Our First "Real" Home

We settled on a 4 bedroom split level home with detached garage. The previous owner had built an addition on the side giving us a family room upstairs and unfinished bedroom in the basement.

This is where my kids have grown up.

Not their first steps or first days at school, but it's where they played basketball and tether-ball.
✔️ We built a patio for the 10 foot pool.
✔️ They went to middle school.
✔️ They learned to drive (so glad THAT's over with...)
✔️ We had meals around the table and movie nights in the family room.
✔️ Friends came over and spent the night. (And still do...)
✔️ They studied for finals.
✔️ 2 boys graduated.

It’s nothing fancy. It needs some upgrades that the orthodontist bills took precedence over.

But it’s home. It’s OUR home.

We feel safe and secure.

I remember how I felt the first time I came home from the office:

I drove my car into the garage. Pulled my briefcase from the back seat. And shut the garage door. (yeah - no power in the garage...)

And then I 😁 smiled. I worked for this. I was providing a place for my family to grow, laugh, play, and cry.


➡️ THIS. This is what I want for you. This is why I do what I do. ⬅️

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