Adding A Third Niche

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Phew... blogging is WORK. 

So many changes come with blogging. Like, the blog is a reflection of you and your thoughts, opinions and where you are in life. But in so many ways blogging changes those things too. 

In the 6 months since I've been blogging I've grown a lot and my blog is changing with me. It's a rather complicated, intricate process of self-reflection and sharing and growth that I never anticipated. I thought I knew a lot about life and who I was and where I was going, but blogging has taught me that I know absolutely nothing

That said, I finally branched out to my third niche of blogging and I think it completes what feels "whole" to me that my blog should be. It's about making money online. I'm sharing everything I know about my first passion and love, Kindle Publishing. 

I began by sharing last week 9 Reasons Why Kindle Publishing is the Best Way To Make Money Online, and so far the mailing list is converting at 10% based on my opt-in, which is really good. 

But I have zero experience with Make Money Online as a niche on my Pinterest account, which means I'm getting NO traction on pins I've made for that post. Which is understandable. 

I post a new sobriety article and it gets circulated almost immediately, but that's to be expected because I've been blogging about that for 6 months now. 

I post a new intermittent fasting article and the same... but I've been blogging about that for 3-4 months. 

I expect it will take Pinterest at least several weeks to a couple months to recognize my account as one that focuses seriously on making money online. It will take time, which is actually okay. 

I know now that if I want to enter a new niche, to start setting up and populating at least 5-10 Pinterest boards in that niche as soon as I even *think* about that niche. 

You live, you learn! 


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