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Weather has always fascinated me.  My father was a pilot and an air-traffic controller.  Every time the weather changed he was explaining the science of it all.  He would tell stories of flyng around tall clouds to avoid the storms hiding inside.  When a hurricane threatened I'd call him and we'd talk over the chances of it hitting land, where it might make landfall, and how strong it would be when it hit.  He always seemed to know exactly what was going on.   I miss him terribly.  But, I've found another way to study storms.

For the past few years I've been studying the I Ching.  This is a form of divination, developed by the Chinese a couple thousand years ago, using hexagrams.   



Since the beginning of my studies, I've been working on a system of determining the strength and landfall site of hurricanes.   It seems I'm pretty accurate now, but I hope to become even more so.  I do the divination, then interpret.  Sometimes, when life gets busy, I have to wait to interpret.  Always, I keep a record of the divination and any interpretation I've done so I can go back and learn from the event.  This is how I've learned to track the storms from as far out as 4000 miles.  

Not that there isn't a lot more to learn.  I'm still working on the daily strength of the storms, and the turns they take.  I should be able to determine the day and direction, and maybe even the degree of turn they make.  

It seems to be a lifetime study, but one that would benefit many people if I can just manage to get it right.  




Above is the map showing the path of Katrina.  I did two readings on this one because it was thought that Katrina might make a second landfall in Florida.  It didn't.  But, as you can see, the readings showed where it did hit.  

There have been many others.  

Now I'm going to take a Silva class to develop my intuition, help me focus and take control of my life.   I expect many good things to come from it.  I'll be taking this class from Ken Coscia.


And, I'll be sure to report back!   



64 Hexagrams courtesy of Wikipedia


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