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After a life worth of work and hustle, everyone deserves to put their feet up and relax a bit. To live the golden age with no worries, a lot of tailor-made activities, and in the companion of people your age that can relate to all the things you’ve seen and lived through. You’ve earned those stripes, my friend!


By now, you’ve probably noticed how our team at loves to make lists, right? So here’s our newest one: the best places to retire in the US! If buying homes for the elderly is on your to-do list – whether because your parents have just retired or you’re the one about to – here is the perfect resource for you to figure out not only the most affordable places to retire but also the ones with the most quality of life. Let’s check it out!

Best places to retire in the US:

  1. Orlando, Florida

  2. Scottsdale, Arizona

  3. Sarasota, Florida

  4. Salt Lake City, Utah

  5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  6. Gulf Shores, Alabama


Orlando, Florida

Orlando Florida Best Places to Retire in the USIf you’ve read our best cities for families list, you will notice that Orlando ranks number 1 in it too. And it makes sense, right? Every family needs grandpa and grandma around!

Yes, Real Estate Agents in Orlando FL will start to become obnoxious if we keep ranking the city high, but what can we do? Orlando has got it going on and it definitely deserves this spot at our best places to retire in the US list. Golden age homeowners (60 and up) pay a median $1,258 a month for housing costs ($452 if they don’t have mortgage and $961 if you rent), making Orlando one of the most affordable places to retire in the country. With money to spare, naturally they turn to cultural attractions and Orlando is not one of the best places for that in America; it’s one of the best places for that in the whole world! So, independently of having the family close by or not, the life of a retired person in Orlando is very eventful, and that’s always important when you have so much time to spare.

In Orlando, there’s a lot of opportunities for the elderly in the workforce. Imagine getting a job in a theme park, meeting nice people and feeling that magic feeling almost every day of your life? If you’re thinking “I just retired, why would I work more?!”, remember that Florida has no state income tax, so even a part-time job can end up filling your pockets more, and maybe you’ll have an even nicer spending power in retirement than in your younger years.

There’s an issue with public transportation? Yes, there is. The city is working around that, and, since it’s still a relatively new, growing city, it has plenty of room to do it and we’re confident it will. But, at the very least, you can try to find the best retirement communities with the help of Orlando Real Estate Agents so you don’t need to rely on public transportation or ride-sharing apps too much to get to the places you like.

One last aspect that makes Orlando one of the best places to retire in the US is the fact that retirees don’t want to be alone, and having Disney World as your backyard will be a great argument to convince your kids in visiting during your grandkids’ vacation.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Arizona Best Places to Retire in the USYou will notice with this list that most of the best retirement communities are within cities that are not exactly huge well-known cities. And that’s the case with Scottsdale, our number two best place to retire in the US.

Look how young-looking our real estate agents in Scottsdale are. Even the older, gray-haired ones have nice skin and a relaxed aspect to their image. That’s because Scottsdale has a stupendous quality of life. Its weather is very mild, its landscape invites people to exercise and a lot of places to golf - if that’s your thing. But, if golf is your thing, you probably already knew that, since the Phoenix Open is the most-attended tournament in the world. Every year, about 500,000 people attend the event in Scottsdale. Which is great; you can watch the best players in the world play right where you play all year long and meet a lot of new people from all over the world. Cool, right?

Speaking of meeting people, Scottsdale has the highest percentage of population aged 65 and older in the whole country! For that alone, it deserved a ranking on our list of best places to retire in the US, don’t you think? Well, we think so. It’s important being close to people that you can become friends with. Especially if you move out from where you used to live. We end up meeting a lot of people when we work, but once we retire we start to (willingly or not) close ourselves in a bubble, and meeting people becomes more difficult. Scottsdale Real Estate Agents will also point out that the city has a lot of parks and recreations options and Museums where the elderly can meet other elderly.

If you’re not ready yet to firmly consider yourself of a golden age and you feel you still have a few radical years ahead, the nightlife in Scottsdale is pretty good and you’re 20 minutes from powerhouse Phoenix, so… go ahead, young man!

Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota Florida Best Places to Retire in the USSarasota is the number one Floridian city both in quality of life and health care. And that speaks volume because Florida is – and has been for a while - the number one state in the country when it comes to the best retirement communities. Realtors in Sarasota FL will proudly explain the position the city is in on our Best places to retire in the US list, by talking about its laid-back marine lifestyle. Sarasota is all about being close to the water, sunbathing, sports fishing… in fact, Sarasota is second only to Fort Lauderdale when it comes to fishing facilities per capita in Florida.

However, people from Sarasota will also note that, although Sarasota is, in fact, one of the best places to retire in the US,  the city is not “retirees only”; there’s a lot of stuff to do there, independently of your age. We’ve already mentioned the water and the beaches, yeah, but Sarasota Real Estate Agents would kill us if we didn’t mention their award-winning Siesta beach – no; really it was named Best Beach in America in 2011 – and also the several  exotic birds and plants, operas and ballets, exquisite architecture and even their circus tradition that dates back to the 1920’s and has provided the city with a Youth training circus center that is one of the most respected in the country. Moreover, if your bottom line is money and you just want to find the most affordable places to retire, the median home cost there is of $226,200.

Hurricane Irma has badly damaged the city in 2017, but – aside from the fact that it’s been quickly getting back on its feet – we concluded it wasn’t enough to drop Sarasota out of our Best Places to Retire in the US.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City Utah Best Places to Retire in the USHey, would you look at that? It’s the only three-word capital of our country! (That was such a grandparent trivia, right?)

Yes, Real Estate Agents in Salt Lake City know that their city has some of the best retirement communities of the country and it’s one of the best places to retire in the US. It might not be one of the most affordable places to retire - the median home price of $294,000 is not the best, and the cost of living is 8% above the national average – however, Salt Lake City Real Estate Agents are quick to (rightfully) counter that, maybe it’s not for everyone, but for retirees who want the best for them and can afford it. Economy? Very strong. And it doesn’t hurt that Salt Lake City has no state inheritance tax. Healthcare? Stellar. An above-average number of doctors per capita, with three highly praised hospitals and health programs. Public transportation? The city still sees the benefits from the 2002 Winter Olympics to this day. With 150 miles of light and commuter rails implemented in the city in recent years, almost 20% of the population uses public transportation to work and that’s amazing. It’s also very walkable and bikeable, which is great for you to keep your health up!

Add to all of that a strong volunteering culture – probably fueled by the strong Mormon population – and you have one of the best places to retire in the US!


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Best Places to Retire in the USReal Estate Agents in Pittsburg PA will tell you the city has a different approach towards retired people. They don’t treat you as someone who decided to switch gears. They have courses specifically designed for senior citizens at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University that still want to pursue knowledge. And the city even provides transportation in a way, as Pittsburgh retirees age 65 and older are eligible to use the public transportation system for free. That means that riding the bus, the T light rail or Monongahela Incline funicular will cost you nothing, and your ability to come and go around is encouraged in Pittsburgh.

That frame of mind alone makes Pittsburgh one of the best retirement communities, right? But Pittsburgh Real Estate Agents have also an argument to conquer your heart via your pocket: the median home price there is $136,700, making it one of the most affordable places to retire.

And to be honest, people from Pittsburgh won’t be able to argue against that: the city just loves vintage stuff. Even the young residents. You have a lot of drive-ins, bowling alleys, and old cinema theaters for you to feel as though things haven’t changed and you can still live young and forever.

In the end, that’s all we really look for when searching for the best places to retire in the US, right? We want a place that, via its spirit and means, allows us – since age is nothing but a number – to feel and live as if we’re just beginning.


Gulf Shores, Alabama


Although a small and compact city with under 12,000 residents, the city of Gulf Shores, AL is a beautiful coastline destination that makes for a perfect place to retire. The subtropical climate brings hot summers and mild winters which is perfect for year-round beach-going. Along the coast of Alabama people enjoy a calm and relaxed lifestyle. The beautiful waterfront has a soothing and calming effect and the peaceful city of Gulf Shores is ideal for retirement.condo in alabama called palm beach



The cost of living in the city of Gulf Shores is close to the average cost of living in the USA. With a median household income of around $50,000, Gulf Shores is affordable compared to other coastal destinations in the USA. The people in the city are really friendly and the retirement communities are highly-rated. The city of Gulf Shores definitely deserves a spot on our list of best places to retire.



Most people only dream to spend a couple of days a year on a short vacation in a coastal destination. Getting to retire in such a place is one of the best retirements ever. Can you imagine enjoying the beach and the water along with all the attractions featured in a coastal city all year-round? Well, it is possible and with the help of our top real estate agents in Gulf Shores AL you can find out more about the best communities in the area.


Beside the beachside, Gulf Shores has plenty of good restaurants, and fresh-caught seafood and fish are a delicacy featured on almost all menus. If fishing is your way of spending all the free time that comes at retirement age, this city is perfect for you. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico hold many species of fish and seafood. You can choose to relax on a cruise tour or see the wildlife along a well-known bird trail or the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.


The attractions in the city of Gulf Shores along with its scenic views definitely make it one of the best places to retire in the US.


Naples, Florida


People love Naples, Florida for the calm and relaxing atmosphere that engulfs the city. This combined with the beautiful beaches alongside the Gulf Coast makes the city of Naples a top destination not only for tourists but retirees as well. The Gulf Coast holds some of the top beaches in Florida, beaches that are renowned for their white sand and the most spectacular sunsets. 


The median age of the population is around 60 years old which suggests that this place attracts mostly seniors and older adults. This combined with the fact that Naples ranks as one of the safest in the country make it the ideal place for retirement communities. The relatively high median property values might make it an expensive place to live in, but with a solid financial situation and with the help of the local realtors in Naples FL buying property is a breeze.


If you love the outdoors, consider going golfing or fishing since Naples is the ideal place for this kind of activity. For Naples residents, these are not just hobbies, but more like a way of life. You will find really friendly people in the city of Naples that will make you feel at home.

If you are making retirement plans then you should definitely consider the city of Naples for all that it has to offer.



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