10 Reasons to live in Queen Creek Arizona

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Are you thinking about making a move to Queen Creek, Arizona?  Keep reading because Im going to share 10 reasons why I think you should make the move.

The first reason is all of the GROWTH that has taken place here.  Back in 1990, the population of Queen Creek was just over 2600 people.  Today, the population is more than 50,000 residents with more land being developed all the time.

Reason number two would be the vibrant economy here in Queen Creek.  Queen Creek has the third highest median income in the state at just over $89,000 per year.  With the Mesa Tech Corridor, Gilbert, and Chandler all close by, there are plenty of large corporate jobs to go around.

Number three would have to be the rich heritage and history in Queen Creek.  Queen Creek was incorporated in 1989 but the history of this town dates back to the early 1900's.

Originally, Queen Creek was called "Rittenhouse" because of a railroad spur located at Rittenhouse and Ellsworth Roads.  The local residents would gether at the spur and flag down the train from Tucson to catch a ride into Phoenix.

The name today is Queen Creek and that name originated in the mountains 60 miles east of here.  There is a creek that runs through the Queen Creek Canyon, near Superior, AZ.  That creek continues on down to what is now Queen Creek today and the town takes it's name from that creek.

To learn more about the Town of Queen Creek, check out my video➡https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6fkpjnD2_U&t=111s

The fourth reason to move to Queen Creek is because in spite of its more than 50,000 residents, Queen Creek has been able to retain its small town feel.  From places like Founders Park to the Community Pancake Breakfasts, to the Friday night Food Truck Festivals, to the local Street Fairs and Farmers Markets, Queen Creek still acts like a town of 2600 residents.

Reason number five for moving to Queen Creek would be the town's Parks and Rec Department.  From Arts and Crafts, to Dance Lessons, to Cheer and summer sports to all levels of Equestrian courses, you are sure to find something that meets your interests.

With Founders Park, Desert Moutain Park, and the brand new Mansel Carter Oasis Park (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xXoyOpIDiA) there are plenty of places to take the kids to get all of their pent up energy spent for the day!

If shopping, dining and entertainment are what you want, then reason number six is for you.  With the Queen Creek Marketplace, the QC District, Hertiage Square and many others, there are ample shopping and dining venues to choose from. And, if what you are looking for isn't here yet, sit tight  because it will be.  New businesses are moving to Queen Creek all the time!

The seventh reason to live in Queen Creek takes us to the San Tan Mountain Regional Park.  This is a 10,000 acre county park full of hiking and biking trails, along with a Visitors Center with wildlife exhibits and area information.

How about horses?  Do you live the Equestrian lifestyle?  If so, the eighth reason fits your bill.  Check out the Horshoe Park Equestrian Center.  This 38 acre venue is designed for rodeos and other outdoor activities.

In addition to the main arena, there are practice arenas and plenty of stalls and other faciulities for your horses.

Reason number nine is the Real Estate Market and comparative cost of living in Queen Creek.  Let's take Denver for example...

Remember, the median income in Queen Creek is $89,000 per year.  If you are living on $89,000/yr in Denver, you would only need to make $72,000 to maintain your same lifestyle in Queen Creek.

The median home price in Denver is $422,000 while in Queen Creek it is $272,000 meaning housing costs in Denver are nearly 40% higher than in Queen Creek!

Eighty five homes sold in Queen Creek in September 2018 ranging in price from $180,000 to $1.1 million. This means that whatever your price range may be, there is a place for you here!

And reason number ten, which may well be the number one reason to live in Queen Creek, are the green chili burritos from the Pork Shop!

So, there you have it; the top ten reason to make a move to Queen Creek Arizona.  If you would like to know more about Queen Creek, visit me at https://www.eastvalleyproperties.net/fine/real/estate/newsearch/cityname/Queen+Creek

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