Meeting Room Design Standards & Guidelines: How to Turn Your Space to Profit

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A meeting room is a hub of potential and a source of ideas for people. Do you know that meeting rooms also are one aspect of a company's most profitable assets? According to Allwork, small conference rooms are the most profitable by booking rate. Currently, this asset is drastically underused with a booking rate of 27% averaged across most industry properties. Imagine what your company could do with the revenue from a fully or mostly booked meeting room.


According to Jerome Change of BLANKSPACES, meeting rooms are one of the most profitable potential assets a company has because they are so underused and yet they can be maximized by the hour, rather than by the month or quarter like an office space is leased.

Renting out meeting rooms is considered preferable to renting out office space from an underused property because of the uptick in flexible working environments and co-working as well. Many people in these situations only need to rent meeting rooms by the hour or half day.



Whether you decided to make money from your unused space or start out a new business on your property, the big question would be what can you do to make your meeting rooms easy to rent out or lease?


The answer would be: careful attention to the basics of lighting, measurements of the room versus table measurements, colors, basic amenities, and proper furniture are considered essential for spaces that are for rent. Below are some takeaways for building and designing a profitable meeting room for rent.

Meeting Room Design Standards & Guidelines


Meeting rooms need to comfortably seat large occupancy in many cases. According to the Missouri State University, meeting rooms should have the following measurements of furniture and space between furniture as part of the meeting room design guidelines.



Furniture Spacing:

  • Minimum Bending Space For Use of Lower Cabinets: 36 in.
  • Minimum 30 in. Clearance Between Chairs. The clearance maximum is 45 in. between chairs.
  • Minimum 32 in. Between Table and Back of Chair
  • Clearance Between Table and Display Board: 56 in.
  • Clearance Between Back of Chair and Table: 30 in. (For Keyboard Use)
  • Minimum Clearance Between Table and Wall: 48 in.
  • Clearance for Presenting Between Chair Back and Wall: 24

Table and Room Sizes: 

  • A 72 in. by 48 in. table seats four to six people in a minimum 14 ft. by 12 ft. room
  • A 84 in. by 48 in. table seats four to six people in a minimum 15 ft. by 12 ft. room.
  • A 96 in. by 48 in. table seats six to eight people in a minimum 16 ft. by 12 ft. room.
  • A 120 in. by 48 in. table seats eight to 10 people in a minimum 18 ft by 12 ft. room.
  • A 144 in. by 48 in. table seats 10 to 12 people in a minimum 20 ft. by 12 ft. room.
  • A 168 in. by 48 in. table seats 12 to 14 people in a minimum 22 ft. by 12 ft. room.
  • A 192 in. by 58 in. seats 14 to 16 people in a minimum 24 ft. by 12 ft. 10 in. room.
  • A 240 in. by 58 in. table seats 18 to 20 people in a minimum 28 ft. by 12 ft. 10 in. room.
  • A 288 in. by 58 in. table seats 22 to 24 people in a minimum 32 ft. by 12 ft. 10 in. room.


These are room minimums. Guidance can be given by an experienced professional with regard to recommendations in each situation. The rooms can be larger by a lot or by a little bit.


Meeting Room Design Tips


Across the board, you will find that the most innovative meeting room design does not have to mean the most modern meeting room design. You can go classic, large, small, or retro. Whatever you choose for the final product, you will want to keep some basic tips in mind.



1. Get the best quality furniture and tools you can afford. In a modern meeting room, quality means something that supports your spine well and doesn't creak. Most show meeting rooms have chairs with wheels and ultra-quiet swivels. Aside from furniture, you should also invest in standard equipment and tools that are essential to creating a fully functional workspace.


2. Keep the room simple, and don't opt for excessive decor. The room should not be distracting. While you don’t want to fall short on design and layouts, you also don’t want to be too excessive with decoration. Keep in mind that you want everyone to be comfortable so that they focus on the task at hand, not their surroundings.


3. Give more than the minimum if possible on space. People may need room to get up and walk around. There might be times when attendees break up into smaller conversational groups during the meeting. Insufficient space can lead to attendees feeling uncomfortable. Extra space can also go for neat extras like an atrium with foliage or an interactive whiteboard that more than one person can use.


4. Include all the necessary items. Depending on your company, this may include a food and beverage area or extra technology. Check to be sure that you have all the needed technology in the room and a clearly visible whiteboard of some kind (some of these are electronic now).


5. Add lighting creatively to boosts your image. Several experts believe that lighting is the all-important item of the moment. It is considered one of the most important elements of strict design. Good lighting boosts concentration. Go bold, but make sure that your light has proper wattage and intensity, whatever style you go for.


6. Choose classy colors to help with relaxation. Even though cute can be enticing, opt for the most sophisticated colors you can afford. Do this even with bright palettes to keep the room easygoing. Because colors can affect meeting attendees’ moods and productivity, picking your palette can be just as important as other aspects.


Meeting Room Design Ideas


Meeting rooms can take on a different character depending upon the way they are designed. There are several basic types of meeting rooms, a popular one being the "Modern" meeting room.


To keep your ideas neatly into one category, it is a good idea to work with an interior designer. They can make sure that your meeting room isn't scattered visually. They also help you simplify things, making sure that your meeting room says exactly what it is supposed to say.



But before you meet an interior designer, you might do a little shopping on ideas by yourself first. Here are some ideas you can ask them to incorporate into the room.


1. Bring Nature Inside

adding nature to a meeting room gives attendees numerous advantages. Plants and other natural elements can also improve moods, help people feel at ease and comfortable, reduces eye strain, foster active engagement and increase energy.


2. Add Novelty Elements

While you should never go overboard with decoration, adding some novel elements that will inspire people or get them to think won’t hurt. This might be helpful when the meeting has gotten stuck. Novelty can be anything. It can be puzzle toys, for example. The team can play with puzzles toys or any other brain teasers as they ruminate on an idea.


3. Make it Futuristic

planning the positioning of lights a certain way is crucial for this type of theme. The futuristic theme can make attendees feel more confident and alerted, boost productivity and improves efficiency. This idea can involve colors like white, gray, silver and blue.


4. Go Classic with all Black-and-White

White can promote creativity and create a sense of spaciousness. Research has shown that all-white workspace makes people more prone to errors. Therefore, it is a wiser idea to use both black and white to create balance.


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Renting out meeting rooms is considered preferable to renting out office space from an underused property because of the uptick in flexible working environments and co-working as well. Many people in these situations only need to rent meeting rooms by the hour or half day.

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