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Real estate marketing is constantly evolving. If you work in the industry, you know that trends are always changing, your clients are expecting more than ever, and you have to find efficient ways to display all of the information they want as quickly as possible.


Do you want to be seen as a professional realtor trusted in your community? It will take more than a couple sales and testimonials. In order to obtain true success, you need to increase your real estate lead generation and website traffic on a consistent basis. Showcasing your brand and your listings across the web are exactly how you’ll turn potential clients into satisfied customers who are willing to refer you.


If you’re looking for new ways to market your real estate business, we recommend you check out these 7 real estate online marketing strategies and apply them to your website and other marketing channels.


1. Leverage Keywords

You won’t see traffic to your site with keywords you think will work. It takes a lot of research to find keywords that will work. And many times, the types of keywords you want to rank for are ultra-competitive.


While we’d all love to rank for “real estate agent,” you have to get creative if you want to succeed. That means integrating long tail keywords – strings of three or four keywords specific to whatever you’re selling – to benefit the most from online searches.


Here are a few examples:

  • Real estate agent located in Forest Hill
  • Real estate agent serving Toronto and the GTA
  • Best real estate agent in North York 2018


These keywords will have less traffic than some of the more generic ones, but they are typically a lot easier to rank for if you curate dedicated content.


2. Utilize Your Facebook Page

When you’re trying to direct traffic to your real estate site, it’s important to use the different social media channels available to you.


A dedicated Facebook page is a great place to engage with potential clients and interact with those you’ve helped in the past. Plus, the majority of Facebook usage is by baby boomers, who are starting to downsize their homes as they gear up for retirement.


Your Facebook page is a great place for you to showcase new and sold listings, interact with clients, and put a face on your real estate business. You can even share testimonials as a way to boost your credibility.


3. Advertise Your Listings to Build Hype

If people don’t know what you’re selling, or the properties you’ve sold, they don’t know why working with you is the best option. Your listings need to be available on more than just your website. They need to be seen across a variety of places in order to push traffic towards your main real estate site.


Blog about your listings, promote them on social media pages, and take advantage of email marketing to boost their exposure. And most important, get them into the multiple listing service (MLS). The more neon signs you have online the higher chances are that people are going to notice you over other agents.


Remember, all of these tools are designed to help you build an efficient sales funnel, to educate and nurture your clients, so you can close more deals.


4. Choose Language That Sells

Your marketing materials need to reach your target audience. That means choosing the right language to appeal to their unique needs. After all, the goal of any marketing campaign is to generate leads and make sales.


In order to capture those leads, your language needs to sell you and your services without alienating potential clients.

Personalize your language, keep it short, and make sure it’s consistent across your entire brand. Focus on words that emphasize you’re helping clients, that you’re here for the community, and that you want to build trust.


It’s also important that you understand your demographics. Certain areas may be more inclined to something like condos, while your suburban crowd will be looking for that white picket fence. Know your target audience, understand their language, and appeal to them.


5. Learn about Successful Lead Generation

Do you want to generate real estate leads like the pros? Then you should research and learn about them.

There are many blogs, articles, videos, and webinars out there from well-known, successful professionals willing to pass on their knowledge. You can only take advantage of their experience if you seek it out and apply it to your own business and brand.


Take the time to learn the different lead generation techniques so you can experiment and see what works best with your clients. Whether you focus on email marketing, social media campaigns, or door cards and flyers, you won’t know unless you try all of the different real estate lead generation techniques.


6. Take Advantage of Landing Pages

If you’re going to spend a lot of time and resources developing landing pages, they need to be targeted. A landing page is the first page people see when they come to your website. It’s not necessarily the home page, but rather, a page that you direct targeted traffic to.


Landing pages are designed to showcase your service, why you are the right choice for a potential client, and provide enough information to convince that client to leave their contact information or contact you themselves.


An easy way to do this is to showcase a newsletter sign-up that’s clearly visible, or to offer an initial consultation. While landing pages are used to hard sell you, the initial goal is to get an individual’s information, not to close a deal on the spot.


7. Use a Full-Featured Online Marketing Solution

A full-featured real estate website platform like the one provided by InCom provides you with everything you need to market your real estate business. We give you research tools to help boost lead generation, increase your lead capture, and attract clients through eye-catching design.


This kind of online marketing solution takes away the guesswork that can so often come with website traffic. By having a variety of features available, you can create a real estate agent site that will completely suit your needs.


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