Massive Progress With The Blog This Week!

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Phew! One thing I love about working for myself is being able to take off early on Fridays. So that's what I'm about to do now. 

For some reason I really enjoy posting to ActiveRain and recapping all this week's blog work. It's kind of a fun "closure" to the week, and once I hit "publish" I feel like I can turn my brain off for the weekend. 

I hate that it took me 6 months to come to a conclusion on how to actually STOP blogging. 

It can really eat a person alive, a blog can!

Anyway... this week. Man, oh man.


Make Money Online Niche

I started this week with a basic/general idea that I wanted to make some headway on my Make Money Online niche, but I didn't really know exactly what to do. 

It came to me however and I sprung into a complete whirlwind of action and got a metric ton of make money online work done! 

I went from ONE post in that niche to FIVE. FIVE! 

And I have a super-solid plan for everything related to getting it off the ground, too. 

This week I talked about:

1- 6 Work From Home Jobs That Anybody Can Try

2- 4 Ways Blogs Make Money (And How YOU Can Make Money Too)!

3- How I Quit My Job After Just 18 Months Of Kindle Publishing

4- 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Kindle Publishing Today


And ALSO for my Intermittent Fasting niche, I did my 3 week update for 12/12 intermittent fasting


I really wrote 5 posts in 5 days. It didn't feel like it! But that's cool with me!


Pinterest Changes

I talked last week about how my views on Pinterest changed, and how I don't see any reason why I need group boards OR to pin 3rd party pins at all, ever. 

I was going to gradually phase that out, but I decided... fuck it. If you want something, why wait? 

I archived almost all my group boards and stopped pinning 3rd party pins to boards that are already well-established. 

I created like 20 new boards for making money online, and am pinning 3rd party pins to those to populate them until they are established. I converted half my old personal boards into Sober Alley only, and no longer will pin 3rd party to them. Then I created about 10 totally new boards exclusively for my own pins. 

Just as SOON as I have evidence that Pinterest "sees" me as a quality content provider in the Make Money niche, I'm leaving every group board and no longer pinning 3rd party pins at all!

I was afraid that such a dramatic change as leaving all my group boards and pinning only my own stuff would tank my account. But not so. This week I had 2 viral pins just from pinning to my own boards. 

Also my Pinterest Analytics (which is really meaningless, but still cool) is rising. Getting more followers too. 

The only difference I see is that my life is a LOT easier and less stressful! 

I actually enjoy creating new pretty pins, so the time I'm spending finding 3rd party pins and following group board rules is now just spent creating pretty pins and writing new articles! It's so easy to just have ONE list per niche of all my own boards and click "schedule" in Tailwind and just send them out. No worrying about duplicate content or spam. It's the ultimate in freedom and I'm so glad I a) figured that out and b) had the balls to do it! 


Getting Pinterest To See Me

At around 7 months in, I think I get what Pinterest wants. For now my make money pins aren't getting any exposure, but if I submit an intermittent fasting or sobriety pin that article gains some traffic almost immediately. It because of establishment. 

Pinterest just doesn't "know" me for those keywords related to money, so they don't give me any play. 

When I sent out my very first pin I had 50 articles to work with. I was releasing new content for sobriety keywords pretty much daily. Then later I added weight loss and did something similar when I made a new post every day for 22 days. Pinterest got to know me pretty fast for those two niches because I had TONS of content to prove it. 

I know what I need to do to excelerate my results in the make money niche -- same thing. Completely FLOOD Pinterest with tons of fresh new posts and many fresh new pins per post. 

My thing is I generally enjoy writing long articles that come rom the heart. 2,000 word pieces. 

But they take me forever to write. 

I'm seeing some of the top articles in this new niche are only 600 words long and basically give a quick blurb while linking to some resource or sharing some tip. 

THAT, I can do. Fast. And then go back in later once PInterest actually starts sending me traffic and upgrade length and quality to meet my normal standard. 

The way I see it is there's no point in making these crazy detailed posts that will take up my time and nobody will see them because Pitnereset doesn't know me. 

Best to "train" Pinterest by feeding it new content as quickly as I can!

So I brainstormed a list of like 30 quick, easy finance list posts that shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to an hour each to create. Adding graphics, formatting and pins takes longer, but I want to get 15-20 money posts with like 5 pins each out ASAP, feed Pinterest what it needs, and then take a break from publishing any new content at all and exclusively revamp all my old stuff! 

So... starting Monday I'm going to be a short, slightly crappy blog post writer lol. Maybe for a week or two. Then I'll go back to norm. 



 Finally, videos. I was told in my SEO consultation that I need video to rank better. The problem is I hate being on camera and didn't feel like I could make good video. I finally tried and used Lumen to make two super-cute videos... one for intermittent fasting, and another for sobriety. I put them in multiple posts and allowed ads to run on them, so I'll see in the morning if they've boosted my ad revenue at all yet. 

I think they will.


I got SO much done this week. Next week will be even better. I think I want to see just how many articles I can crank out and just set them to post one a day for a while. Great keywords of course, reliable content... just brief and easy. 

I'm gonna win. So excited!


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