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ūüŹ°Discover my Secrets to Selling Your Santa Cruz CA Oceanview Home

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Moving out of your home?


Whether you're upsizing, downsizing, or moving to a new state, you're now at the point where you've decided to sell your Santa Cruz CA oceanview home.


If you think you can simply put up a For Sale sign on your yard and wait for buyers to flock to your doorstep, think again. Many people think it's easy to sell a beachfront home. After all, who doesn't want to own a property with a great view and the opportunity to be close to the ocean?


Truth is, selling an oceanfront property takes a lot of more experience and skill than selling a single-story home or condo in the suburb. There are special considerations you have to make if you want to sell your Santa Cruz beachfront property successfully.


Top tips on how to sell your oceanview home


Here are my best tips to help you sell your home in the quickest possible time and for the highest price:


1. Find a real estate agent who specializes in selling oceanfront properties. This is an important element in a successful sale. Not all agents know nor have the experience to sell your beach house.


A real estate agent who specializes in waterfront properties like me ‚ÄúSandy Wallace‚ÄĚ can guide you better in the nuances of selling your house.


2. Do minor repairs. Before you proceed with any cosmetic makeover, it is important that you make minor repairs so the house is move-in ready.


If you have any plumbing issues, fix it. Replace any old faucet and leaking sinks, get new door knobs, replace broken windows and tiles, fix the cabinets and drawers, and all other minor repairs you can see or think of.


Painting your home is one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can do to make your property look more attractive. Pick a nice, neutral color and give your house a new coat of paint.


3. Don’t forget the curb appeal! If you're selling a waterfront home, don't just think about the view. Consider how the front yard looks.


The curb appeal is the first thing buyers see when they come for a showing. Buyers make their first impressions in seconds. Make the most of that first impressions by ensuring that you have a clean, neat, and welcoming front yard.


Santa Cruz CA Oceanview Homes for Sale - Live the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of in any of the Santa Cruz CA oceanview homes for sale.


4. Stage the entire house. Buyers love bright, inviting homes, and that's your goal. You want the house to be as clean as possible. You also want it to look airy and spacious so remove any excess decor and furniture, retaining only necessary pieces you can use.


Don't stop there. Make sure that you stage every room of your beach view house.


Set the kitchen and living room with some beach accessories to carry that feeling of being near the ocean inside the house.


Clean your deck and set it up with outdoor chairs to create a cozy outdoor retreat.


Stage your home in a way that buyers could visualize themselves living in the house.


5. Make it bright. Dark homes don't interest buyer, even if it’s an oceanview home. Make your beach property more attractive by updating the light fixtures of the house.


Another way to make the house more open and bright is by opening the windows. This not only let in light and warmth but you are also letting in fresh air which clears the home of any lingering odor.


If your interior paint is dark, switch to lighter colors like whites, creams, beiges, or light blues and light greens. These colors make your home look lighter and more spacious.


6. Highlight the views and outdoor spaces. One of the best things about living close the ocean is the amazing views. If there is anything you should highlight in your oceanview home in Santa Cruz, it is the views.


Open the windows, remove the curtains, and make the views the focal point of the room by facing your furniture toward that view. Entice your buyers with your waterfront views.


Do you have a viewing area? Does it provide a clear view of the ocean or is it obstructed by foliage?


If your deck is surrounded by trees and foliage, trim the branches and remove the foliage so you can a clear view of the ocean.


7. Showcase the kitchen. Buyers love beautiful kitchens! If you are selling a waterfront property, buyers expect your kitchen to look spacious and fabulous.


They expect it to be a great place where they can entertain, equipped with modern appliances designed to make life easier.


8. Be show-ready. When it comes to home selling, your home must always be ready to show. You don't know when a buyer is going to come, or your agent may call just a few hours in advance, so make sure that your home is always show-ready.


Not being available for showing is one of the reasons why homes don't sell fast. You never know if that person who you turned away for showing may be the one who'll take your home off the market, but you missed that chance.


The most important part


9. Set the right price. The most important thing you can do for your house is to set its listing price in the right market value.


Price your house too high and you won't get any buyers. Price it too low and you risk losing money.


The right price will attract buyers and sell your property at the fastest time possible time.


Selling your Santa Cruz waterfront home is not easy, but if you follow these tips, you’ll find yourself receiving great offers as soon as you list your home.


Are you planning to sell your beachfront home soon? Call me, Sandy Wallace, at 831-818-7099. Let’s discuss how we can sell your home fast.


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