Should realtors use resumes?

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I was thinking about this the other day. Whenever anyone applies for a job they submit a resume, or at the very least an application with their qualifications. Yet in real estate, this is not a common practice. I think that is weird.

After all, whether you are buying or selling, your realtor should be an ethical professional who is dedicated to doing a great job. How does the average person know who to trust in real estate? (Or who to work with?)

I would like to see resumes become common practice in the real estate world. The public hires us to conduct transactions with their most prized possession, their home! Shouldn't they interview agents and look over resumes?

I suggest that our clients choose their agents carefully. The wrong agent can literally cost someone thousands, so why do people use the first person they meet that has a license? To find a good agent one should, get recommendations from friends, look for designations, and interview. Afterall, we work for our clients!

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