Definition of a Real Estate Agent

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On the lighter side for all Realtor's! I can't remember where I got this, but another Realtor sent it out and I have had it for years. Clients loved reading if I showed it to them.  Enjoy.

Definition Of A Real Estate Agent

An Agent Must Understand Real Estate, Mortgages, Electricity, Chemistry,

Mechanics, Physics, Bookkeeping, Banking, Merchandising, Selling, Shippin,

Contract, Law, Horse Trading and Human Nature.

One Must Be Courteous, Diplomatic, Shrewd, Persuasive, An Experty Jollier, Of

Equal Temper, Slow To Anger, A sherlock Holmes, Up-To-Date, Good Looking (With Honest Eyes

and a Glad Hand), A good Memory, Big Expense Account, Acute Business Judgment,

And the Embodiment of Virtues, But With A good Working Knowedge Of Sin And Evil In All Forms.

One Must Also Be A Mind Reader, A Hypnotist, An Athlete And Must Be Acquainted With Housing Of All

Types And Materials Of All Kinds, And Must Know The Current Price Of Everything From Discounts To A

Skyscraper, And Must Know, See All, And Tell Nothing, And Be Everywhere At The Same Time.

One Must Satisfy The Office Manager, The Examiners, The Regional Office, FHA, VA, FNMA, The State

Manager, The Buyers,The Sellers, The Other Realtors, The Managing Broker, And The Home Office.

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Great thoughts, and its always nice to have a laugh in our day! 

May 29, 2008 07:27 AM