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"Diversifying your client base is vital to growing a business, but it can be difficult.." says a recent article on Investopedia.

Put a different way you have to have clients for your business to grow. My Father and I started a medical equipment sales and repair business in 1983. Our primary customers were veterinarians and tattoo artists. An odd mix I know.

Often we would supply the equipment for new practices coming into the Central Florida Area. I remember one instance in the early nineties when a new veterinarian was opening a clinic in Oviedo. At the time there were at least three other vets in that town and it was not as populated as it is today.

I questioned the veterinarian, "Doctor you realize that there are quite a few other practices out there, right?" 
"Yes," replied "but I'm going to be different."

When I pressed him for how he was going to be different, he acted as if no one had asked him that question before. Sure enough, he set up shop and within eighteen months he was back at our store wanting us to buy back some of the equipment we sold him. Why? Because he was going out of business.

He could not attract clients, he could not get his story out to the public.

In real estate, I see many agents who start in the business only to drop out after six to eight months. The reason? They can't attract clients.

My wife is in the dental field. Many practices are now run by bigger corporations. What has caused this shift? Because the small single dentist practice can't attract patients.

My son is in the financial advisor field. Again the same issue. How can a small firm attract clients? How can they compete with the $4.99 per transaction mega-brokerage?

I believe that storytelling is the answer for a wide variety of small business owners.

I am having one of my best years in real estate. I believe that is due to my practice of daily storytelling and distribution of the story through a myriad of platforms.

I am working on a method to help these and other small business owners to become Elite Storytellers®.

I have found that by creating relationships first and controlling your own personal narrative allows you to build those relationships first and thus create raving fans that ask to use your product or service.

It will show how being a Storyteller, as a primary profession, amplifies the success that one is able to achieve, in any secondary profession.

Welcome to the journey, the era of the Elite Storyteller®.

Live, Love, Matter
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Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Hi Rex- It's certainly not enough to say you'll be different. You have to figure out what makes you different from the others and then find a way to attract customers with that difference. 

Oct 20, 2018 10:43 AM