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Why Should Real Estate Buyers or Sellers Choose You?

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While most of us get in the Real Estate business, because of all the wrong reasons ( thanks to HGTV, and Million $$ agents)

We quickly realize we are competing with all the other agents, and most everyone knows or is related to a Realtor. We are taught , coached to come up with a why... Why should someone choose you? What do you specialize in? Whats your 30 second elevator speech?

This blog gives a great idea on how to do this!


Do you know your value????

Original content by Marte Cliff

Do you know what makes you stand out from all the other agents in your market? Dowhat makes you stand out? you know what makes you the best choice for prospects in your niche or geographic territory?

Quite often, when I speak with agents who need me to write an agent bio for them, they can’t answer those questions. In fact, some tell me that there’s nothing different – they do the same job that everyone else does.

Having known a good number of agents over the 19 years that I was an agent and then a broker, I know that isn’t true.

The mere act of coming to a site like Active Rain sets you apart from a huge percentage of your competitors.

It doesn’t even matter if you participate as a blogger. Coming here to read and learn sets you apart.

I’ve known many agents who tossed their copies of the Realtor® magazine in the trash, along with the bulletins from the Idaho Real Estate Commission. They could have learned something from them, but didn’t even bother to open the covers. Every two years they grudgingly attended continuing education classes, and that was the extent of their efforts to educate themselves.

I’ve also known agents who didn’t bother to view new listings unless a buyer wanted a tour – and then didn’t bother to get all the available facts before they showed the house.

Then there are the ones who left blank spaces in their listing and purchase and sale documents.

If you don’t know what makes you special, start by comparing your own practices to those agents. Their clones are still around, you know. Then do some self-evaluation.

First think about your relationship with you clients.

You can begin to understand which of your traits and routine practices really matter to themman with trophy by thinking back about things they’ve said to you.

Think about their complaints about other agents they’ve known in the past. You may have been shocked by the way some agents treat their clients.

Think about the compliments clients have given you. You may have thought that what you did was nothing special, but obviously it was special to that client. It mattered enough for them to notice and mention it.

If you’ve saved thank you notes and testimonials, read through all of them. You might find a common thread. For instance you may find variations of: “You really know the market,” or “We appreciated how you listened to us,” or “Your patience and willingness to explain things helped calm our fears.”

Now think about your relationships with other professionals.

Think about your reputation for being helpful and cooperative. Think about why your listings are shown so often or why they’re s happy to present your offers. It could be because you pay attention to details, both in presenting your listings and in writing offers.

Next, pretend that you’re a past client and you want to recommend you to a friend.

Write that friend a letter explaining why he or she should choose you. Include details about personality, professionalism, market knowledge, negotiation or communication skills, and anything else that reflects who you really are.

No one else ever needs to see this letter, so go all out. When you’re finished, write down the most important points and use them in your marketing materials. Then you can either dispose of the letter or tuck it away where you can take it out to read on those days when you’re doubting yourself.

This letter is one of the exercises I ask agents to do when they’re filling out my agent bio questionnaire. It helps them answer that all-important question: “What makes you stand out from other agents?”


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Thank you for the reblog!

I laughed at your statement about people getting into real estate for all the wrong reasons. I can't count how many times I've heard "Because I like houses and I really love people." It's hard to remember back that far, but I think I got into it because it looked like fun.

If real estate schools taught students how much WORK it is, there would be fewer agents.

Oct 23, 2018 09:01 PM