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I was visiting a friend last week after a few years and was shocked to see that she had accumulated so much clutter in her home since the last time I had seen her. From unwanted/discarded household items that were crammed miles high in the garage – all the way through to rusting garden equipment.


At this point, I must confess myself as being somewhat OCD when it comes to tidiness and I couldn’t imagine walking into a garage that I’d need a map to navigate around – let alone isolated cardboard boxes scattered in various positions filled with things that have been destined to go to the dump, yet have been forgotten over time.


It also is my duty to point out that she’d had people coming in to look around the house (it’s currently on sale) and this tipped me over the edge – who on earth would buy when she’s clearly had to navigate them around an abundance of trash?


I told her to get a dumpster and get rid of EVERYTHING that she didn’t need or want before having anymore viewings. Just from experience, it’s incredibly tough for people to imagine themselves in a new home with an abundance of clutter clouding their judgement – and on this note, I’ve put together a few tips to hiring a dumpster (that’s skip hire to the British) in order to get rid of clutter and get your home back!


  1.      Rent a dumpster or skip with a flat rate


When you’re looking for the best deal on a skip or dumpster, I’d always recommend that you look for a flat rate as the best possible option to save you or your customers money. It means that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be spending – combining all fees and taxes into one up-front price. Be very wary about hidden fees and make sure you read the small print – some companies will charge you for fuel, delivery and a plethora of other charges.


  1.      Know the length of your rental period


There are some companies that will charge you the rental period from the exact time you order a dumpster or skip and NOT from the time it was delivered. Find out how long you can keep the skip or dumpster so that you can plan your day properly. A good dumpster company would let you keep the dumpster for as long as you need which can be flexible with a quick phone call to the company. Ask the question on rental periods for peace of mind.


  1.      Keep dumpster or skip weight limits in mind


Each dumpster has a designated weight limit. Make sure you know your dumpsters weight limit before delivery so that you can plan what you’ll be able to put into your dumpster or skip (as the size of the dumpster and location can impact weight limits). Overloading skips or dumpsters can lead to overage fees and the need to unload the dumpster and this can be an absolute nightmare if you’re on a tight time schedule.



  1.      Prepare the dumpster or skip space for delivery


Something that is regularly overlooked is actually making sure you have space for your dumpster on delivery. You will need to ask for the dimensions of the dumpster and make sure that you measure where the dumpster can fit on your property. The location of dumpster should be easily accessible with nothing blocking access.



  1.      Understanding what you can actually put in a dumpster or skip


Anything that is flammable or hazardous isn’t accepted in most dumpsters or skips. There may be different rules for each dumpster company you call, so make sure you ask the question of ‘forbidden’ items to ensure you keep within the dumpster companies rules and regulations. For example, heavy construction materials (some types of) cannot be mixed with other materials – hence they’d need their own dumpster. Make sure you ask the question before renting.

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William Feela
Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No.

Even if you are not thinking of selling it is good to rid yourself of the stuff

Oct 22, 2018 08:44 AM