TV Star Myers Jackson, Ivan Stoltzfus, Samuel Holiday

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Tv Star Myers Jackson, Ivan Stoltzfus, Samuel Holiday

TV Star Myers Jackson, Ivan Stoltzfus, Samuel Holiday

Chapter 57. Spend time with TV star Myers Jackson by Ivan Stoltzfus

March 19 & 20 Weatherford to Reno, TX

Leave early Sunday, not that far to Reno. I stop at Bird Lane RV Park, it’s a ride up Route 730 out of Weatherford through the ranches and countryside. Myers and his son, Jake, pick me up and we go to downtown Fort Worth. Now, this is a real treat. We have lunch at Cooper Steak House then walk downtown to watch the Longhorns rumble down the street. Just like the Old West, real cowhands in their old leather chaps, boots and tall Texan hats are taking the herd down Exchange Avenue in the Stockyards National Historic District. Myers says this happens every afternoon, and every detail is authentic and historically true … so much history in Fort Worth.

Spend time with TV star Myers Jackson

Next stop, we visit ‘Randy the Lone Wolf’, a house mover on the TV show Flip N Move, Myers is the auctioneer on the Flip N Move show and Randy’s a fellow cast member. Good fun time.

Myers and I go back to my campsite and throw around ideas for future fundraising events. He’s wearing his big grin, we think the sky’s the limit for the vets. Myers is very creative with a big personality, the two of us are coming up with new ideas to bring the people in and make it entertaining. We’ve worked on events before and he shares my passion for veterans. Being a marine himself, he understands the ‘war on the home front’ and the mission of Across America for Wounded Heroes.

Next morning, we meet again, more great input from Myers. We soon are kicking some new events into place. Folks, when Myers Jackson starts planning you know it’s gonna be good, he’s had some awesome events in the past. Stay tuned to our Websites (,, ) and Facebooks, and we will keep tweeting.

Tv Star Myers Jackson, Ivan Stoltzfus, Samuel Holiday

Later, we meet Pat Shannon, an auctioneer friend from Iowa, and go to Decatur for lunch at a great steak restaurant. We walk in, Myers spins around, “Ivan … over there is a Navajo Code Talker.”
It doesn’t register at first … then it dawns on me … here is a Navajo Code Talker, retired United States Marine … a veteran from World War II. WOW! Google it, check the history and read the fascinating story how the Navajo Code Talkers, Native American Indians, played a big part in winning the second world war.

I extend my hand and a big smile spreads across his weathered face. What an honor to shake this 92- year old Navajo Code Talker and marine’s hand. A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet such a true hero, something I will never forget.

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