2018 Is the Year of Google AdWords For Real Estate Lead Generation

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If you’re not generating real estate leads, you’re not going to make it far. Every year, the online real estate industry grows as consumers increasingly turn to online real estate websites. While most realtors will talk about Facebook ads as a great investment, we’re constantly seeing more marketing on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Many realtors often forget about keywords when it comes to generating real estate leads. Keywords are always discussed as being important, but what’s the best way to take advantage of them? Google AdWords.

A Year of Google AdWords
Now, it’s important to note that Google doesn’t regularly release industry benchmarks and statistics when it comes to click through rate (CTR), ads, and the like. When it comes to pay per click (PPC) data, that information usually ends up being compiled by other platforms and thought leaders of various industries. Retail, automotive, fitness & recreation, and, of course, real estate, among others.

Google AdWords is about advertisers (real estate agents, in this case) bidding on particular keywords for their clickable ads to appear in the results of Google search. The more searched and popular the keyword, the greater number of people are going to see it and, hopefully, click on it. For realtors, that can be a piece of marketing about particular properties, brand awareness ads, or any other post you make that would attract potential buyers. All of these things will help you generate real estate leads.

The best part of Google AdWords is that it can hone in on the qualified real estate shoppers you want seeing your ads. All marketing is about focusing on target demographics. AdWords allows you to do just that as long as you’re targeting consumers in your city. Of course, it comes down to creating the right campaign for the right group, but as long as you do that, AdWords makes certain those ads get in front the proper eyes.

Brand Terms Are Key
The main drawback facing real estate agents when it comes to ads is that there are multiple places and terms people look up when searching for homes. Being able to distinguish the best, branded terms and keywords to bid on in Google AdWords is how more consumers with see your ads. If you are bidding on words and terms that are uncommon or do not see much traction, you end up wasting your money.

The best terms are either popular, specific, or both. That’s why the AdWords geotargeting feature is so helpful for generating real estate leads. You can direct your ads to consumers showing interest in locations you’ve targeted and locations you’ve excluded as well. From there you can target specific cities.

Uniqueness is what you’re looking for. If it makes your business and your ads stand out, it should work.

Campaigns that Benefit from Google AdWords
Thanks to the narrowing targeting you can do with AdWords, there’s not really a limit on campaigns that benefit from using them. However, here are some that you will likely see boosted:

Free Home Evaluation Campaigns: Everyone is always looking for free services. When consumers are looking to move, what better way to connect with them than a free home evaluation? No one likes paying for someone to find property issues before they sell but if it costs them nothing, all the better. Plus, you’re connecting with the sellers which could end in you either a) selling their house for them, b) helping them find their next home or c) both.

Neighborhood/Community Specific Campaigns: Thanks to Google AdWords geotargeting, these types of ad campaigns are incredibly easy. As a real estate agent, you’re always looking to bring attention to the selected area(s) you’re selling in. Your AdWords data will allow you to see what demographics are seeking what so that you can market directly to them.

Brand Awareness Campaigns: People are going to be searching for real estate agents and services online when they need to buy or sell. Buying the best keywords and brand terms for your city will make it easier for you to stand out amongst the competition. These ads are all about selling yourself, showing what services you can provide, and offering something that sets you apart.

The only way any of these real estate leads are going to get you buyers, is if they click through back to your website. Your ads attract attention while your site showcases the fixes you have to consumer’s problems. The best websites increase your lead generation, client retention, clicks, and showcase you exactly how you want to be seen. If your site isn’t doing those, it’s time for a new one.

Build the Perfect Real Estate Website
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