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Choosing the right type of timber furniture

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Wooden furniture is always on the cards for many people and probably the first choice for you due to its remarkable feel and amazing appearance. There are a lot of individuals that look forward to purchasing timber furniture. However, there are many options in the market and several types of timber are there for you to choose from.


Thus, it is of no surprise that people are confused about which one to pick and which one to leave. Here, we will take a look at the different types of timber and see what they can reflect the best.



Oak is one of the preferred choices for people who want to acquire solid furniture that is durable and strong. It is going to last for a long time and if you maintain it properly it may make up with you for a lifetime. Oak is hard and heavy wood and can support a lot of weight. It is one of the reasons why the choice of oak furniture is expensive and is generally used in cabinets and tables.

There are two primary colors in which you will find oak, red and white. The red one is stronger as compared to the latter but when it comes to the look and beauty both are amazing in their own way. The grain is almost always straight and the open pattern gives it a distinct look.



If you are looking for wooden furniture but the overall theme of your house don’t support the darker textures, you might wish to go with the pine. It is light in color and texture and one can paint it, stain it, or do other outlook changes as per his or her liking.


Pine wood is soft and it works best for the furniture that is curved and ornate looking. It is because this type of timber is very easy to mold into different shapes and craftsmen don’t find it hard to curve the surface.

However, as it is a soft wood, it may get damaged easily. Moreover, keeping it without treatment is unwise. Still the amazing curved grains and easy molding in various forms make pine wood a preferred choice of many people.



For the ones that are into dark and natural colors, the walnut furniture is what they must look for. Lavish and expensive, this type of timber is used in making a wide range of furniture.


Although this is not the hardest of the woods available in the market, the fact that it gets worked out easily and comes with a unique dark color that can be spotted anywhere on the spectrum between dark blown to almost black makes it very popular choice.



Another popular choice for various timber furniture pieces is the ash. It is harder than oak and more responsive to alteration such as finishing and paint work.


The primary reason why many individuals prefer ash furniture over oak is the fact that this one is more resistant to decay. Also, it is more widely available and is usually found in modern furniture.