Different Types of Power Generators For The Home

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Talking to a consultant at Able Sales, it's clear that more and more people are buying generators as an essential backup power solution. With extreme weather conditions affecting power supply, there is an increasing need for a backup solution. There are many different types of power generators to choose from. It is good to know the different options to make it easier to choose the one that best suits your needs to counter any power cuts you may have in your home.

  1.      Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are among the most popular generators in the market and they are useful for many different applications. As a fuel source, diesel is readily available which is also why they are so popular. Another advantage of diesel is that it is the least flammable fuel source which makes it safe. In the long-run diesel generators are also cheaper to maintain which makes then cost-effective.

A diesel generator should serve you for a long time as long as you take care of it. Repairs are also quite easy to maintain.

  1.      Gas Generators

Gas is even more readily available than diesel which is why gas generators are also very easy to come by. You will however need to store gas nearby as it can often be hard to come by especially during a power outage. Gasoline generators are easily portable. But you need to be careful since gasoline can be highly flammable.

  1.      Bio Diesel Generators

Bio Diesel generators use a combination of diesel and fuel from a biological source such as vegetable oil or animal fats. The benefits of a bio diesel generator are much the same as a diesel generator in addition to the environmental benefits of the biological oil. It is therefore more environmentally friendly since it means lower emission and a lower impact on the environment.

  1.      Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen generators are a lot harder to come by but it doesn’t mean that you should try to find it. Hydrogen generators, if you can find one, are safe and easy to move. They are also very low maintenance which makes them pocket friendly in the long run.

Because they are easy to move they make very good portable generators. Hydrogen as a fuel is also very easy to find, mainly because it can be found in various water sources. It is also a very clean fuel, that is low-cost and with very few emissions. Hydrogen also produces more energy pound to pound than any other source of fuel.

Those are the four main types of generators that you can purchase. Under these are other types of generators that you can purchase based on need. They include;

  •        Portable generators which are ideal for smaller scale portable power generation applications such as using them for power tools in the garden
  •        Home generators that come in a variety of different sizes and fuels
  •        Silent generators which as the name suggest are quiet and very popular
  •        Marine generators that are used on board a boat and come in different shapes and sizes for different types of boats.

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