Looking for New Jersey updates to the market, all can comment

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    Questions I would like to ask the Realtor (r) professionals who read this blog is:


-What's is happening to the call in buyers and the email questions that used to happen daily?

-Where are the sellers, and have you found less REO homes on the market, as well as less end user listings?

-Do you see an adjustment in prices to end user homes as well as REO investor buyers?    (I've found these to be two different segments of the market, that attract different buyers)


The beauty of this blog systems is that it's open to all to read, I have nothing to sell, and hopefully by sharing your insights, you can improve the life and budget (ha ha) of another realtor that reads along.   *The Meme I borrowed from FB, and if it belongs to someone, please let me know so I can give credit to them, or remove it.


     About Me; 30 plus years experience, ran an office for 18 years, stepped back into sales and handle predominantly foreclosure listings for REO clients.  I am also on several State, and local committees, volunteer time to local organizations and am a councilman in my town.  I am finding this to be a very unique market to what I have experienced, and am trying to  justify and plan my business model for the next 12 months, and need your insights.


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