Type of Tractors - Four Types for Your Home

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The first tractor was introduced in 1837 and quickly became one of the most important parts of the agricultural revolution all over the world. Fast forward to today, most modern farmers are still heavily dependent on these heavy-duty vehicles to deal with their daily tasks on the field or home. However, the introduction of many advanced features makes it quite tricky for them to choose the right type of tractor. To make everything easier, let’s take a look at these 4 common type of tractors.

Type of Tractors

1. Orchard Tractor

This is a special type of tractor which is designed only for used in orchards. They are often very tall and high so that you can trim the plants or pick the fruits while sitting on the seat. The exterior surface is clear, meaning that you would get in and around the garden without hassles. More importantly, these models can be used in nearly all kinds of orchards, whether it is a grape or fruit field.

The only drawback is that you can’t use orchard tractors for other purposes. In fact, most of them are often personalized, and even the tires are designed to avoid thorns and accommodate your orchards. Also, they are typically very narrow and have an enclosed area for you to sit and maneuver.

2. Rotary Tiller

This walking type of tractor is often available in different heights and can be used in small fields where ordinary equipment doesn’t work efficiently. It typically has a small construction to get over hills and into confined areas with ease. You would even fit blades to a rotary tiller to prepare the seed beds as it is possible to pulverize the content in the soil quickly.

A rotary tiller is a motorized cultivator which operates by rotating the tines or blades to work the soil. It especially works best with chunky and hard soil to create a clod-free and fine bed. With this vehicle, you can prepare your garden for planting any types of seeds.

3. Row Crop Tractor

Row crop tractors are all-around models which would perform nearly all tasks that you need in the field, such as controlling weeds, leveling, harrowing, plowing, utilizing machines, and pulling the seed drills.

There are many benefits of using this type of tractor. These include better row-spacing capabilities, ease of driving and user-friendliness, great ground clearance capability, power take-off, and ease of navigating or steering. In other words, row crop tractors are an all-in-one solution for busy farmers. If you want to have a piece of equipment that can handle different jobs, then this should be your option.

4. Utility Tractor

Another general-purpose type that you should consider is the utility tractor. Basically, it is designed for handling a variety of tasks in the fields and gardens, such as carrying materials or plowing. Also, utility tractors are often equipped with a low or medium-power engine, which is ideal for pulling auxiliary equipment. What makes it so popular are the affordable prices and versatility. If a farmer can’t afford to buy additional machines for specific jobs, utility tractors might be a good option to consider.


Different tractors serve different purposes for any type of farmer. Depending on what you’re looking to do on the field, It’s All For Sale states that there most likely will be a tractor fit for you. This article went over the type of tractors that are available, and how they can make your tasks easier.

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