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Peter Sarkis & How Tenerife Forum Began


You know when you get the urge to do something that helps others without thinking of the monetary value or expecting much in return for the time and effort you put into it?
Well, this was one of those times!

On old discussion boards pre Facebook era, many of them had cliques of the ruling class and ridiculing new members was for their entertainment.

In countries where these discussion boards were set up, they looked more like colonial outposts who refused to assimilate into their host countries and took pride in ridiculing their host country or in this case, island.

I then decided that after my removal from these boards, I would provide a platform to accommodate every nationality with complete impartiality.

It started off with a simple website using Wordpress but I was in two minds as to whether to integrate a discussion board with the main website or to look at other alternatives.

Around the same time, Facebook had become the platform of choice for many people and rather than be lumbered with the headache of hosting, database issues, and all the expenses that come with discussion boards on platforms such as VBulletin, I decided to go with Facebook and focus on developing a page that showcased all the good things Tenerife had to offer.


Birth of Tenerife Forum Community


It wasn't so long after that Facebook started developing the Groups feature and many of the planned options were taken from discussion boards which was a perfect fit for our needs.

With an existing audience waiting  to be tapped into, all that was needed was some focus, attention to detail, and rock solid marketing.

The community soon became the centerpiece of the whole Tenerife Forum brand and provided so many benefits to members who were looking for answers to so many of their questions.

Strict rules were enforced so that the community was of the highest standard and that the vast majority of its members were part of a safe and secure environment where there was zero tolerance on advertising and abuse.

It was never perfect but over the years, with more systems in place, the community practically runs itself and now the members themselves feel ownership and part of something big.

The loyalty of many of our members cannot be underestimated.


Why The Negative Articles About Peter Sarkis?


As you know, with many communities, it's necessary to remove people who break guidelines and refuse to conform so there will always be disgruntled individuals who feel the need to retaliate in some way because they feel it is their right to be allowed to be above everyone else in the community.

If you'd like to read up on a little history about me then here is a quick overview.

There are also scammers who I personally had to dispatch when I intervened on behalf of community members who had been scammed or abused in some way and it's no surprise that the scammers and fraudsters too have tried to blacken my name to their own detriment.


Any Future Plans For Tenerife Forum?


The plan is to continue doing what we do to maintain the momentum, quality, and growth.
If good things happen along the way then even better, but that's not what it was about to begin with although it has now become very popular and the options are begging to be explored.

Namecalling & Muppets
I've lost count of the amount of abuse I've received but it's all part of being at the helm of a popular community that many wouild like to disrupt or piggy back from but it will never happen on my watch and the systems we have in place make sure of that..
Of all the names that make me laugh the most, one of them is "Troll".
It's a name people use when they have nothing else on you and have lost the argument completely.
Yes, we've removed many muppets over the years and some were even circus acts on their own but our community is not about cleverness, it's more about helpfullness.
You might want to read this as well seeing as you're already here and maybe this too.
To close this article, all I can say is that it can sometimes be mentally draining trying to reason with loonies but if you're prepared to take the rough with the smooth, it can be rewarding when you know you've made a massive positive impact on the lives of others.


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Peter Spain

After following the property sector for several years especially in Spain , I came to understand the cycles and all the attendant peaks and troughs that come with it.
I now focus my efforts on helping established local agents with their online presence. Several Spanish agencies are benefitting from the attention to detail and meticulous research that I provide which forms part of the marketing strategy I offer.

I also provide more exposure on Realty Times where I offer similar quality articles about the Spanish property market.



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