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How can you make the present generation love science? Children nowadays have other passions, they want to find as much as they can about technology. They are interested in computers, phones, robots and other similar tech devices. But science? Very few children have a passion for it. Well, if you want to transform your little one into a great scientist, you should know that it all starts at home. If your family is oriented towards science, then your children will feel encouraged to ask questions and to find more about the science world.


But is science helping children? Well, it does. It helps them think critically, it develops their creativity, they start experimenting, they want to find what reasoning is behind certain things, and it develops them a taste for learning new things.  


Science is an interesting subject, for both adults and children. But, if children do not develop a love for it since early ages, they may find difficult to pick up, and to start learning it. It is your role as a parent to introduce your children to this subject. Make sure they do not have the misconception that it is a difficult subject, make it part of their daily activities, and they will understand how easy and loveable can be. Here is how you can help them love science in a smart way.


Show them that science is a relevant subject


Children are always curious, and if you can make them feel interested in science, then it is easier for you to help them understand this subject better. When they find a subject interesting, they are willing to learn it. So, your purpose is to make science relevant in their daily life, because in this way you will grow their curiosity.

At first, you can use the TV programs to show them that science is relevant in every person’s life. For example, when they want to watch TV you should allow them to do it only on certain channels, like Discovery Channel, BBC Earth, Animal Planet, National Geographic and other similar ones. You should watch together certain programs, and discuss the information they get from there. If you ask them questions about the subject of the TV shows you watch, they will better understand the information.


Help them develop healthy study habits

You as a parent are the person who should instil in your kid the importance of studying and learning. Once they start school, you will have to help them, at least at the beginning, get ready for their classes, teach them that it is important to pay attention during lessons and help them solve their homework.

You should continue to help them grow their study habits, not just explain them once and then leave them to it though. You should create them a simple timetable, and set together achievable goals, in this way they will find easy to follow them.

If you inculcate healthy studying habits since early ages, your children will learn to control their learning programs and they will not feel overwhelmed when they will have to get new knowledge. If you help them study science, it will not look like a difficult subject.


Use interactive methods to teach them science


The best way to help children love a subject is to involve them in interesting activities. It is known that kids simply hate lectures, so if you want to help them develop a fond for a certain subject, the best way to do it is to use interactive teaching methods. You can enrol them to classes that help them create experiments that show them how certain things work. When they are engaged in experiments and hands-on activities, they learn more things than they would do if they would read.

If you want to help them understand better science, but you are not a pro in this field, then you should get them some online classes. There are experts who can show children how interesting science is. Science experts are offering their knowledge online, because it is quite difficult to offer face-to-face tuition, considering the small number of science teachers the world has now. 

The degree at which children understand better science is influenced by the way the knowledge is delivered. Interactive courses are one of the most effective strategies.


Effort is the key, not talent


If there are subjects that require your child to be talented in order to perform, science requires a lot of effort and work. All great scientist have studied for many years and they put a lot of effort to make discoveries. Intelligence can be achieved only by making efforts to learn. The better they learn the easier they will find the study of science. Once they start understanding the basics of science they will start loving it, and they will be the ones who will do their best to find more.


Show them that you support them


Children need support in order to improve their skills. Science requires great skills, if you want to perform at a high level. When your children have difficulties at understanding, a certain subject related to science, you should not laugh. Many parents make this mistake, and they are not aware that they are doing a lot of harm.

Once your children have difficulties with understanding certain things, you should step in and help them. Find an approach that suits their needs and help them overcome their struggles. If you will laugh at your kids, the only thing you will achieve is their resentment about science.


Your children should consider you their partner in studying science. You will have to play multiple roles during the process, you will be their partner, their teacher and sometimes their student. Because if they are able to explain certain processes, they will learn them better, and they will get a deep understanding of them.


Ask them questions daily about the information they acquired. When they do not know the answer, help them with fill-the-gaps type of questions.


Keep in mind; you are the only one who can help your children love science, so start from an early age. 


Comments (2)

Sham Reddy CRS
H E R Realty, Dayton, OH - Dayton, OH

Most kids are attracted to science due to curiosity!!!

Science is an interesting subject, for both adults and children. But, if children do not develop a love for it since early ages, they may find difficult to pick up, and to start learning it. It is your role as a parent to introduce your children to this subject.

Nov 09, 2018 03:38 AM
Joe Pryor
The Virtual Real Estate Team - Oklahoma City, OK
REALTOR® - Oklahoma Investment Properties

I think it is vitally important to put leadership into place in education that promotes science and not superstition. We struggle with that in Oklahoma.

Nov 09, 2018 08:22 AM

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