Shopify Store + Pinterest Wins

Industry Observer with Manifest Like Whoa!

So much going on and so little time, but the ride is WILD and FUN! 

I completely missed updating on Active Rain last week because I was so busy, and I'm super committed to being OFF WORK at 2pm on Fridays. So... something had to give!

But over the past two weeks so much progress has been made. It's just downright exciting!


First, I created my first product for sale and it's just about ready to go live right on target! It's a 12-week intermittent fasting fitness planner and is PERFECT for intermittent fasting. I had so many issues with other planners in the past that I decided to create my own... 

But the kicker is it will be available as a printable AND a physical paperback book! 

I'm so excited about this because as far as I can tell, most bloggers go the printable route -- which is fine. And I get it because it's easy. But who wants to carry a printable fitness planner to the damn gym? I know I sure don't!


The planner is live on Amazon though it's not finalized, but it's just about done and I'm so proud and SO excited about my first product! Like... I remember when I started this blog. It was just an idea. Now I have so much going, it's crazy! 


I'll update with the link to the product next week because...


The goal for NEXT Friday by 2pm is to have the planner live, being promoted and ALSO my newest project...




l can't even believe this is real. Just a week ago I stumbled upon another blogger's store and was inspired to create my own. Knowing NOTHING about Shopify and one week later I have a store! 

There are still some things I need to work out, but that's next week's goal too. Because I'm split testing whether people really LOVE printable planners all that much, or if they'd prefer paperbacks but printables are just all that's on offer.


I'm selling the printable version of the planner and the paperback for the same price, just to get a feel for the market. 


So by 2pm next Friday my fully functional store plus my paperback planner will go live and a new era for blogging begins for me... 


I'm THRILLED. I can't believe I made it this far in just 7 (well closer to 8 now) months. 


And I"m seeing some amazing traffic growth, mailing list growth, and since I chose to leave all my Pinterest group boards, I'm still having an easier time pinning and seeing great results. Score! 


The articles posted over the past 2 weeks are


1. 10 Simple Reasons Why You Aren't Losing Weight

2. 10 TOTALLY Realistic Financial New Year’s Resolutions For 2019

3. 11 Months Sober – Sobriety Doesn’t HAVE To Be That Hard

4. The Only 3 Things That REALLY Matter For Pinterest Traffic

5. 3 Reasons Why I Lost More Weight Intermittent Fasting 12 Hours Than 16

6. 20 SUPER-Simple Ideas To Stay Sober For The Holidays


Lots of work but I absolutely love it. I love writing, graphics, Pinterest, mailing list... all of it! 

And my goal was to begin January 2019 with $1,000/month in blog income and focusing on multiplying that by 10 to start 2020 with $10,000/month blogging or more. 

I see NO reason why all that can't happen. 

I expect that and more. 

So exciting!

Can't wait for next week's update (if I have time)!

I expect the product/store launch prep to have me busy, but the "whoosh" of relief once it's all set up and out in the world should be oh, so satisfying.



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