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Due Diligence For Property Purchases In Tenerife

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Anytime a property is bought in Tenerife, the buyer must take it on an as-is basis. This can make it challenging to recover damages if the property had illegal elements or hidden problems. Thus, it is essential that you take steps to verify that you are getting exactly what you expect when you buy. In order to learna the specifics of a Tenerife property, it is best to check with the cadaster as well as the registry.

Information contained in the cadaster is good for ascertaining the property's square meter size as well as the size of the lot. The cadaster details are available at no cost.

Information from the registry provides details about the property and helps you determine if any outstanding liabilities or fees are due in connection to the property.

The process for obtaining the registry details online, often referred to as the "Nota simple," involves paying roughly 9 euros. It is also possible to simply visit the local registry office in Tenerife to secure the information there, and this costs between 3 and 5 euros.

Checking the Cadaster:

The Spanish cadastral online portal is a bit complex, and a quicker way exists to obtain the same information.

1. Visit www.goolzoom.es.

2. Register for a new account.

3. Use the map function and zoom to where your property is situated.

4. At the menu on the left, choose "Catastro color."

5. Then, click the map location of the property to get the cadastral number and related details.

6. On the cadaster page itself, click "Consulta Descriptiva y Grafica" and you can then access a PDF containing the details you seek.

Checking the Registry:

1. Visit www.registradores.org.

2. Then, you will want to click on "Registro Online."

3. First-time users will need to create an account via the "Alta de nuevo cliente" option.

4. After registration has been completed, begin the process for getting a "Nota Simple," or "Information Note."

5. Tick the box and then check the "search by other data" box.

6. Enter the property's address and owner information.

Be sure you have the correct name of the property's owner, as this is necessary to obtain the correct details.

Finally, have a look at this list of the best Tenerife estate agents to narrow down your search and make things a little easier.

Local reputable estate agents should do all the checks for you and your lawyer will confirm that everything is clear.



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