Dreval D-850 review: Is this the best Air Purifier & Humidifier Combo?

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In the modern era, when buying tech, you end up with a lot of options to consider. On one hand it gives you flexibility and variety while on the other it tends to confuse people because they become bogged down with technical details and new choices they never thought they had to consider.

The air purifier industry is no exception and there are many different models and choices available to you. A Fairly new variety of machine has recently emerged that essentially combines two devices in one. An Air Purifer and a Humidifier. These units are a god send to those of us that live in humid environments. Whereas before, if we had poor air circulating, especially in the winter months -we required two bulky units taking up a lot of space in our homes. Now, as with every other tech device on the market, we've found ways to make things smaller. Which in the case of the humidifier and air purifier, has allowed us to fit all the components into one unit.

One of the latest of these devices to come to market is the Dreval D-850, which some reviews say is possibly one of the best around now. Lets find out why.

Cold Catalyst Filter

Dreval d850 filter
The D 850 comes with a cold catalyst filter that helps in effective cleaning of the air. It helps by removing hharmful chemicals from the air and has tendency to sense an extensive range of pollutants in the air. You will be able to get rid of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, and hydrogen sulfide to name just a few. It also works on other harmful gases that have ability to combine with oxygen to cause health problems. A good thing about this cold catalyst filter is that it is comprised of safe components which means that it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. It can last up to five years and has ability to destroy the harmful elements released into the air by your plywood, cigarette, furniture, carpets and other elements in the house.

Cellular active carbon filter
The Dreval D850 comes complete with a cellular active carbon filter which makes it even more effective. This filter enhances the absorption of common household odors that get locked into the activated carbon. Charcoal and carbon have long been used as a way to control stubborn odors and Drevals new activated carbon filter takes the cleaning abilities of carbon to an all new level, leaving your home smelling as fresh as a daisy.

AntiMicrobal Filter
We are constantly surrounded by millions of bacteria. Whilst most of it is good bacteria, there is enough of the bad stuff to cause concern. The antimicrobial feature of the filter found in this product assures that the purifier eliminates the bacteria from the air. It comes with 5 micron filters that, together with antimicrobial agents, work on destroying bacteria and assuring that the air is safe to breathe.

The efficiency
The product also comes with a highly efficient HEPA filter. It has been tested for its purification abilities and you will be glad to know that this specific filter is known to eliminate 99.97% of the particles from the air. These include the cigarette smoke, bacteria, pollen, fungi, viruses, dust, ragweed, and other allergens. Even the mold and dust mites along with pet dander and germ cannot escape its wrath.

Now for the bit that makes this wonderful unit so unique. The Humidifier.  For those of us that live in humid environments, especially cold humidity in the winter - machines like the Dreval are a god send. As we all know, mold and other harmful household pollutants thrive on damp conditions, so whilst your air purifier is working it's hardest to rid the air from these toxins, there is still too much moisture in the air creating more and more work for the purifier.

This machine combats both problems at the same time. It allows you to control the exact level of moisture in the air, so that it can reduce the water content to a level that makes it difficult for mold to breed, whilst not leaving it too dry as to cause dry skin and nasel passageways commonly associated with dry climates.

Final words
So, these are some features of dreval D850 air purifier and humidifier. It is a device that can help in cleaning the air even in bigger rooms (as much as 40 square meters) and has a very high air cleaning efficiency (99.9%).

If you would like something to compare it to, then I suggest you check out this recent review of the Winix AW600, which is suggested to be the closest competitor to the Dreval d850.

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