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What they need or what they ask for?

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What they need or what they ask for?

I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, never claimed to be. However, sometimes I find myself working with a very dim bulb indeed. I receive the edocs and find the bank had the first name as Matthew; title and escrow had the first name as Matt. A somewhat routine problem that can be solved a number of ways. The problem stems from the absolutely horrible procedure of taking title in anything other than the purchaser’s correct legal name. I’m nearly confident that with all cash, I can take title to a house giving my name as Suzy Snowflake. When it comes time to sell the property, that’s when it hits the fan.

Unfortunately, when speaking to “my employer” I usually only get to speak to the scheduling section; where some dim bulbs dwell. I called in the problem and was told that “absolutely no changes whatsoever” were to be made to the docs. Nada, none, period. How about the Venue I asked; it says my notarization took place in Washington County, in the state of Idaho! “Leave it as is, we only want you to stamp and sign, nothing more.”

I tried to explain what the Venue on a notarization reflects. I would have had more success suggesting to the ocean that tides should be eliminated. The same total stonewall of “no change” was the attitude about the varying spelling of the borrower name. Thinking that changes to the existing docs were the issue, I suggested that I supply notary forms of my own in place of the existing ones; where, to leave as is, presented me a problem.

Worth a try, but no cigar. Dim bulb was adamant that I use the notary sections exactly as they were printed and I was to ONLY stamp and sign them. “That is what you WERE paid to do.” Fortunately this assignment was paid via an overnight check that arrived prior to the email with the edoc. To make the situation more absurd – they would not permit me to “back out” and return their check! They absolutely insisted that I complete the assignment – their way.

As a http://newyorkmobilenotarypublic.com it is my highest priority to perform my tasks in a totally legal and proper manner. But now I had a scheduled and confirmed appointment, a set of edocs and an impossible set of requirements to process them! Back to the title of this blog entry: “What they need or what they ask for”. As what they are asking for is illegal my only other real option is to give them what they need. So:

On the docs with the nickname “Matt” in the notary section (ignoring the name “Matt” on the signature line; I redacted Matt (initialed it) and changed it to Matthew. I did this directly on the documents that were in the email. I also reprinted those pages and attached the proper notary form and notarized Matthew on the forms I supplied. There were about 8 forms that required this duplication of notarization.

Fortunately there was an Also Know As form supplied. They ONLY had Matthew signing but I added Matt and had him sign that way as an alias. The AKA form itself was also processed in duplicate.

I shipped the legally notarized set of docs back. Also shipped back was 120 pages of “borrower copy” that was sent to me for a totally different loan. I just printed again the bank set for the borrower. It was quite a weighty FedEx, 300 pages of legal paper! I never heard from them again and can only assume that the project funded as the paperwork was “what they needed, not what they asked for.”

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