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The businesses around the world have been using different tools and tactics to keep their workers under surveillance and protect real estate business secrets. While some companies use human labor to supervise their workforce, the big companies have been using different monitoring and spy software to boost employee productivity and minimize risks of data breach. The widespread adoption of computers, mobile phones and the internet at work stations has made it convenient for the companies to expand their business and streamline their operations. At the same time, these technologies can be misused by displeased and unfaithful workers to leak company information and reveal business secrets. This article discusses how monitoring and spy apps help businesses in keeping their information secure and supervise their workers’ activities distantly.

Role of WhatsApp Messenger in real estate Businesses

The real estate businesses around the world have adopted WhatsApp messenger as their primary source of communication. Replacing Skype and other communication apps, many small and large scale companies have started using WhatsApp for internal and external communication. The group chats are very favorable for real estate business to coordinate with higher and lower staff on a particular project. The instant messenger also offers numerous features letting the users to talk to their fellows using the internet connection. It offers voice messages, text messages, stickers, emoticons, photo sharing, video sharing, audio calls, video calls, group calls and group chats.

The powerful and feature-rich instant messenger can cause the business to suffer a loss. The employers who do not bother supervising the use of instant messenger can lose their sensitive information. Your workers can transmit secret company information to unauthorized persons intentionally or accidentally, if their online activities remain unmonitored and unmanaged.

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messenger

The businesses are required to monitor and manage WhatsApp messenger to minimize the risk of data breach. They are also needed to supervise online chats of their workers to prevent them from killing their time on unproductive talks. The technologists have provided certain monitoring apps that enable employers to closely monitor online and offline activities of their workers.

TheOneSpy is a monitoring app that is intended for employers to supervise the mobile phone and computer use of workers. The app lets you know what activities are being performed on monitored devices. The app gets access to the data stored on the monitored device and creates an online backup of that data by uploading it to a secret online account. The employer and real estate business managers can operate that account from any other mobile or computer device and ensure the data protection.

Spy on WhatsApp Messenger Chat

The WhatsApp monitoring app lets you supervise online conversations of your workers to ensure their talks are not unproductive or malicious. With TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app, you can monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, voice messages and visual messages exchanged via monitored cell phone. The spy app also lets you spy on group chats. The tracking app gets access to all WhatsApp conversations stored on the monitored phone memory. These messages get uploaded to the online spy account from where real estate employers can read them.

Spy on WhatsApp Messenger Calls

 The WhatsApp spy app lets you track VOIP calls of your workers. You can know who receives call or makes call to your workers. The WhatsApp call logs can help you ensure there is not any unauthorized or unwanted contact from which WhatsApp call has been received or made.

Spy on WhatsApp Messenger Media

The instant messenger allows users to exchange photos, videos and audios. You are needed to monitor these media files to ensure your workers do not leak any sensitive information in form of photos or videos to rivalry groups. The WhatsApp spy app tracks photos, videos and other media files exchanged via instant messenger and uploads to the online account for employers to review and download the required media file.

Capture WhatsApp Activities with Screenshots

You can know what your workers are doing on WhatsApp messenger in real-time. With the WhatsApp tracking app, you can send a command to the targeted device to take multiple screenshots with a specific interval to let you monitor activities performed on the messenger. The screenshots get uploaded to the secret online account from where you can see and download them.

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