Relocating Because You Want To…

Real Estate Agent with Windermere Real Estate

During my career I have met many people who have followed their dreams of relocating somewhere new. Not because of job or family, just because. Most are looking for a different lifestyle. They are pursuing happiness. And they should.     

With those people in mind, I have a few suggestions on finding the perfect community...

Make a list of activities and hobbies you enjoy? Will this community have those opportunities?

What weather patterns fit your needs most?

How large of a community would you like to live in?

Does this community offer you ample shopping opportunities?

How will the traffic patterns and commutes fit your life style?

What is the cost of housing? Cost of Property Taxes? Cost of Car Insurance?

Will you fit in? When looking for a new community to call home, attend some local functions, eat at their cafes, walk and linger downtown, drive through neighborhoods, find out what the over all feel for the area is. Just don't choose your destination by the houses that are available to purchase at the time you are there to visit.

The most important piece to relocating is how you feel after you have made the move. Choose your destination, then find your home. Enjoy the journey along the way.

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