Google Plus and Business Listings Important for Agent Marketing

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Google Plus and Business Listings Important for Agent Marketing

When working on building traffic and search engine rankings getting listed
in Google Plus and Google Business Directory is a very important resource to use.

Google Plus is Google's version of Facebook and the posts on there get immediate
credit for the Google search results and helps get websites noticed in search engines.

In addition the "Google Business Directory" gets you noticed in Google searches
when people are looking for an agent, broker or real estate business. This is
easy to see when you type in because it puts a map and dots on the map with
the businesses listed on the left hand side. This map and business listing section
comes up before the website search results so being listed here is important..

This also helps bring in traffic and exposure and the best part is that this is all free!

Normally Google will send over a post card with a verification code to activate
the Google business listing. Once that part of the process is done it take a few weeks
to start coming up in the search results. Make sure to post listings for yourself and
for the broker to help start getting traffic to the Google Plus account and to your Google
Business Directory page.

In order to get these items set up you need a account. Once in Gmail go to
the upper right hand corder where 9 little sqares form a checkboard and click on that
to open up your free Google tools. It will be there where you can set up Google Plus and
start using it and once that is done you will also be able to set up the Google Business
Directory page.

"SEO" is a very generic term and much of what is needed to get traffic and search engine
rankings is to use many of the free tools offered to you from Google and other search engines.

You will get the most traffic when you post lots of photos and local information. Post listing
photos, neighborhood photos, local event photos and more and watch this resource start
bringing in free traffic and leads.

This is one of many FREE SEO tools that will help bring in traffic and business and can be set up
and used without a website. If you have a website it helps direct traffic to it and also helps
it rank higher in search engine results as more posts are placed online.

Use this tool and start taking advantage of this great Google resource!

For more information or to get started visit the link below. 

Best wishes to your successs!




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