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What You Must Know Before Moving To A New Property

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Moving to a new property is something that people will do several times. However, most of us know that moving is a hassle thing to do. From packing to the cleaning, everything should be taken into account before the moving day. Without careful planning, the tasks will be ultimately harder to tackle in the long run. You also need to spend more time to get your property ready to live in. With this in mind, here are the things you must know before moving to a new property.


1. Budget– Relocation costs can quickly rack up. That being said, it’s important to have a budget in place so you can be able to shoulder all the expenses during the move. Your budget, for instance, will determine how much you can afford for your relocation. It’ll also give you a general idea of what should be your expenses all throughout the move. By having a budget, you can also make your move less stressful and all the tasks will be performed right away.   


2. Moving checklist– If it’s your first time to move to a new property, you need to have a detailed checklist to get started. The process will be more difficult if you’re unprepared for anything. Remember, a moving checklistwill guide you on what tasks should be done first. You just have to follow the plan and everything will be done correctly.


3. A layout of the new property– Moving will be more challenging if you don’t have an idea of what your new place looks like. Before you move, visit the new property and get to know the place better. Determine the layout of the area including its dimensions so you’ll know what to do when you arrive. Knowing the size of your new place can also help you figure out what furniture will fit in.



4. Change of address – The earlier you update your address, the better. The moment you know you’re moving, it’s best to do this as early as possible. Go to the post office immediately and notify them of your new address. Also, don’t forget to reach out to businesses and government bodies right away to ensure your mails are going to the right place. If you do this, you don’t have to rely on the new occupants of your former home to forward all your mails and other packages.


5. Electricity, water, and Internet connection– These utilities should be taken care of a few weeks before you move. For instance, your relocation can be inconvenient and frustrating if you take these things for granted. That’s why get your electricity, water and the Internet connection in your new property to save yourself from the stress. You don’t want to move in without access to electricity, water, and even the Internet connection.


6. Clear-out – Do a clear-out of all your stuff a few weeks before you move. If you want to keep more money in your pocket, you shouldn’t bring all your stuff with you to the new property. The lighter your boxes are, the cheaper your move will be. Walk around your former house and start looking for items that are no longer of use to you. You may even have the option to sell them in a garage sale or have these things donated to a local charity. The goal is to cut your stuff down to make your relocation less tedious.



7. Labeling of boxes– You should be aware that unpacking can also be a stressful job to do. And this can be an additional burden on your end if you move your boxes without having them labeled accordingly. It may sound simple but the markings you make on the boxes can help you get settled in quickly. With these things in mind, get your markers ready and mark the boxes according to the contents.


8. Professional Clean– Typically, previous owners give most properties a professional clean before they move out. But a property that’s empty for a long time needs another set of cleaning before you move-in. Thus, if you’re relocating to a new property, don’t hesitate to hire professional cleaners to handle the task for you. Ask them to do a thorough job on the bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen.


9. Change of locks – Another important thing you should know before moving into a new property is the change of locks. Getting the locks changed before the move is a natural step for anyone. After all, you don’t want a stranger to run around with a key to your doors, so you better change them before it’s too late. You’ll get the peace of mind you deserve if you know you’re safe in the first few nights in your new home.



10. Packing of a first night box– Before the big day, it’s best to pack a first night box that includes basic toiletries, toilet paper, bed linen, towels, a change of clothing, and other essentials. Having these things prepared beforehand will give you ultimate comfort on your first night. It’ll also prevent yourself from frantically searching through boxes in the middle of the night trying to look for your toothbrush.


11. Leaks– You can give yourself peace of mind if you check your new property for leaks. With a simple double-check, moving in will be more convenient for you. A few days before the move, inspect the water meter to ensure it doesn’t have a plumbing leak. Even if you may choose not to deal with these issues right away, but you should at least be aware of the current condition of your water pipes.


12. Maintenance tasks – Before moving to your new property, it’s important that you tackle major maintenance tasks so it’ll be easy for you to create a maintenance calendar. Check the coils underneath the fridge and flush the water heater to remove the sediments. Inspect whether your air filters require replacement or not. Handling these tasks beforehand will make the transition smoother.


13. Professional help– Theoretically speaking, you may choose between moving on your own and asking the assistance of the movers of your choice. But if you feel like you can’t push through with the relocation by yourself, hiring a moving company will be the best option. Find the right professionals who can deliver a high-quality service. Before signing any contract, make sure they are both licensed and insured. That way, you can rest knowing that all your stuff is in safe hands all throughout the move. If you need help with packing, there are moving companies out there who offer packing services that suit your needs. It’s always worth to note that seeking out for professional assistance can make the process more successful.





Moving to a new property can also be fun. So long as you have a proper planning and preparation in place, everything will be accomplished smoothly. The more you’re prepared, the more comfortable your move will be. And now that you’ve tackled all the things that you need to know before relocating, it’s about time that you give yourself a tap in the back. Just keep these important factors in mind so you can make your relocation an exciting one for you and your family. Moreover, when Moving to NYC and getting yourself assisted by Movers NYC and around the globe can really make a huge difference.


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One of our new neighbors discovered an undisclosed basement leak after moving in.

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