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Difference in a senior community and a 55+ community?

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Are there differences in a senior living community and a 55+ community?

Some commuon things are both are age qualified, have some  amenities and activities and have seniors living there.

So what's the difference? 

Many of the 55+ communities have a sub-set called Active Adult Community, like those of Del Webb Communities builds.

This type community may have many amenities and facilities that can be used to keep you active. For example tennis, bocce, and pickleball courts. Softball field. Walking trails.  Large gym and aerobic room in the clubhouse. Some 55 plus communities are not active adult and may be more like a senior community. 

Many clubs and groups of residents that are active. This can be 100 clubs or more in some communities.

Many times these are individual homes, villas or condos which are owned not rented. There usually is an association fee to keep up the community and grounds, clubhouse and even to mow homeowner laws sometimes.

The age of the residents in a 55 plus community tend to be somewhat younger, at least for newer communities, than senior communities, but not necessarily always.  I live in an active adult community and we have many 80 and 90 year olds here. They probably moved here when younger and stayed, to age in place, which I think is a great plan.

Senior Community - Sometimes the minimum age is 62 rather than 55. In general the average age in a senior community is a little older than a 55+ community.

A senior community many times has facilities and activities too, just different ones, not as active. More libraries, reading rooms, shuffleboards, day trips, transportation,  etc but also could have a pool, smaller gym also. 

Many times residents would be renting an apartment in a senior living community, so the units most likely will be rental rather than buying your home.

Senior communities are changing and offering more since the baby boomer are getting up in their 70s.  Boomers are demanding something a little different in their senior community.

A senior community many times has on-site dining with 2 meals a day, something 55+ communities usually do not have. Senior community may have other services for seniors like home care, transportation and even an on call nurse or attendant.

Many of the senior communities are located closer in town, as opposed to the 55+communities, especially the active adult type that needs more land and is usually on the outskirts of town.

Some residents of 55+ communities may later move to a senior community as they get older since they may offer more services for older folks.

Some senior communities also may have an attached or nearby dementia facility.


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Thanks for the clarification. We do not have many of those here, but I was always curious  about them

Nov 29, 2018 07:59 PM
Robert Fowler - 55CommunityGuide.com

Yes, it is commonly mis-understood and missed used.

Nov 30, 2018 03:11 AM