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Should You List Your Home in Winter? 

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Should you list your home in the winter?  Or keep it active through the Holiday Season?


Hi everybody!  This is Tristan Emond with Mindful Living Realty.

Welcome back to Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE!

Today we're going to talk about something that's pretty important as we're getting close to the holiday season and winter. And that question is: should you keep your home on the market or should you list your property through the holidays and the winter time?  And the answer actually is - it depends!  (of course, right?)


Less Competition

My first point for the reason that you should keep your home on the market or still list your property is there is less competition.  You've got people that are like "You know, I'm just gonna wait till spring to list my home because it's the busy season...  blah blah blah.”

But there people that are coming into town and they need to buy home in December. So, if yours is only one of the “X” number that are available, you have a better chance of getting yours sold…because you didn't take it off the market and wait until spring to sell.

That might give you the best reason right there for keeping your home on the market.

If your home isn't on the market, you're not going to be able to sell the thing right?

Now, I don't want to be the one to say this is definitely going to happen for you.  Some Decemebers are great.  We've had great Januarys where we sold a lot of homes. But there have also been Januarys and Decembers where home sales are really, really slow.

Now typically, it does tend to slow down and the market will pick back up again in Spring. But if you list in the Spring with everybody else, then your competition is a lot higher, so you may not sell your home at that time either.

If your property is one that's been sitting on the market for awhile and you might just need that extra amount of time frame to get that buyer to come along at the right time.


Holiday Cheer

The other point to consider is Holiday Cheer.

If it's a very festive year - people are busy partying and having a good time going to people's houses and doing that kind of thing, real estate has a tendency to slow.  People are out doing other things that they enjoy more. However, if it's kind of one of those bah humbug sort of years, people are out buying, people are out selling, things happen in business a little more in those type of years.  Now of course that's kind of hard to judge, but it is a good point to realize how that happens.


Time Frame

And the third point of course is your time frame.  How soon do you need to sell? Where you at in your life as far as getting the property sold.

If it's something like "Well, you know, I can still next year, no big deal." Then you might consider not wanting to move during the winter and list in the Spring.  Certainly, up to you and how that works for you.

But if you need to sell and you really looking forward to get that property gone, you probably should keep it listed on the market because, as I said before, you can't sell if it isn't listed.


So those are my three points for selling during the winter for you to think about and for you determine what you might want to do.

If you have any questions please get a hold of us. We can look at the numbers and give you some ideas on how things work for where you are at in your neighborhood and how things have been selling.

Thanks again for watching Tristan and his WHITEBOARD. We will talk to you next time!

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