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While I was in the BPO business from 2006-2011, I also worked for Residential RealEstate Review (RRR). I have also seen a tremendous amount of change and improvement from this company over the years as they too have upgraded their BPO platform and forms among some of the great changes that they have accomplished. Plus, they have evolved into the being one of the ‘Top 5 BPO companies” to many real estate professionals that do BPO work.

Company Name: Residential RealEstate Review, Inc.

Nicole’s Overall Grade: A-

Year Company Established: 1999

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Annual Revenue: Unknown but SPS’s servicing portfolio is worth some $30 billion

Sign-up Website Address: https://www.rrreview.com/login/default.aspx?Mode=Sign+Up

BPO Dept. phone number: 1-866-876-5095

Type of Work Offered: Residential & Commercial BPO’s and Appraisals

Accepting New BPO Vendors: Yes

Special Sign-up Requirements: None known

Order Volume: Medium

Broadcast or Auto-Assign Orders: Both

BPO AutoFill Available: Yes

Form Difficulty (If done by hand): Medium

Number of Forms: 2

Background Check Required: No

Uses NABPOP: Yes

Average Payout Amount (Exterior): 45

Average Payout Amount (Interior): 70

Typical Payment Turnaround Time: Monthly

Preferred Vendor Program: Yes

Customer Service Location: Outsourced to foreign country

Customer Service Rating: Good

Quality Control Rating: Medium

Nicole Worked For Them: Yes

Notes: Residential RealEstate Review, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of SPS Holding Corp. They are owned by a foreign company but are based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are a solid company that I enjoyed working with over the years. They are notorious in the industry as being a BPO / Appraisal company where it seems impossible to get a broadcast order from, I’ve heard many people say the same thing, ʺOnce I get an email from them and go to click ‘Accept Order’ it says ‘Unfortunately, this order is no longer available.ʺ They use a captcha code and assign orders both based on Seniority or Exclusively to the agent/brokers in their system with the highest vendor score, that is closest to the subject property and someone that has worked the longest amount of time for RRR. They send one email of a new available order to this Senior/Exclusive agent/broker and give them 1 hour before it gets ‘Broadcast’ to multiple agents/brokers. They are a good company to work for even though they outsource their support to what seems to be India.

See above for a detailed breakdown and review of this great company. Also, check out our free list of more BPO and REO companies here.

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do you happen to have a generic bpo form? I'm in CA.  If so can you please email me one at mrdany1@aol.com


May 29, 2019 02:10 PM
Nicole Ocean
BPO Automation Group & BPO University - Miami, FL
"Your BPO Coach"

Hi Danny,


Thanks for your question.

Where can I download a blank sample BPO form?

I've created a blank Fannie Mae BPO Form that I've included within my BPO Manual but you can also download it for free by clicking on this link: http://www.bpo-university.com/samplefannie.pdf
Jan 29, 2021 02:49 PM