How to Stage Your Home for the Holidays

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How To Stage Your Home for the Holidays.


On our evening walk on Thanksgiving, we noticed that many of the homes in our neighborhood already had their Christmas decorations upholiday staging faqs and on! I’ve had sellers ask me what they can do if their home is on the market.

Do they have to forego decorating altogether?


The short answer is...No!|

However, and you knew that was coming, you’ll want to keep it simple.


In fact, creating that feeling of home with a holiday spirit can help your buyers picture themselves there. Let them see the possibilities of your home.



Remember the Basic Principles of Staging.

Buyers need to see the liveability of your home. If every inch is covered in Christmas wreaths and Dicken’s Villages, festive as it may be, they still need to see what they will be buying and living in.


Decorating the Outside of Your Home

Buyers begin making their yes or no decision as they approach your house.

Will they see this?


home staging for the holidays

Save the blow-ups and the majority of your outdoor decorations for your new home. There’s no reason why you can’t celebrate the holidays but while your house is on the market keep is simple.

This is the time to let your HOUSE shine...not the decorations!


Don’t Make It Difficult for Your Buyers to Enter Your Home!

The too large wreath or over-sized candy canes are cute but don’t make it so difficult that your potential buyer has to do a side-step just to walk through your front door.


Everything Doesn’t Have to Be Red! (or Blue)

When we think of Christmas or Hanukkah the colors that come to mind are red or blue. But what if they don’t go with the rest of your house?

There’s nothing etched in stone that says that either of these colors has to be used.  Complement the colors you do have. Consider white poinsettias instead of red.



holiday home staging


Don’t Block the Paths That Will Allow Your Buyers to Navigate Through and Around Your Home.
Sometimes we have to tweak some furniture placement to make room for our tree.
Keep traffic patterns open for your buyers.  
Make sure electrical cords that light up the tree will not be a hazard to anyone walking by.


Preserve the View

This is especially true if you live in Florida. Buyers want that tropical view so you’ll want them to be able to look out your patio doors and see your beautiful pool or patio area.


holiday home staging holiday home staging


Don’t Hide Your Home’s Chief Selling Points!

If you have a beautiful fireplace and mantle let your buyers see it. Don’t cover it up with so many stockings, holly, and candles that buyers won’t even know it’s there.


Have a large kitchen island? Make sure they can see it...don’t have every inch covered in Christmas Cheer!


Just because your house is for sale doesn’t mean that you have to pass on the holiday spirit. Just remember to…



holiday home staging

Keep It Simple, Silly!


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