Meet Howard Fensterman, the Most Interesting Man on Long Island

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What makes a person interesting? If you rely on the beer commercials, “interesting” means that perhaps you once ran a marathon just because it was on your way, you’ve received the lifetime achievement award twice, and mosquitoes refuse to bite you purely out of respect. On a more realistic level, though, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 author Dr. Travis Bradberry believes that “interesting” people are always learning, share what they discover, are passionate, try new things, check their egos at the door, and avoid the bandwagon.

Although it’s possible that he runs marathons and has earned the respect of mosquitoes, Howard Fensterman definitely ticks each of the boxes on Bradberry’s list of interesting qualities. So much so, in fact, that it’s difficult to describe him. Is he attorney Howard Fensterman? Philanthropist Howard Fensterman? Mineralogist? Secret agent? Fraud crusader? As impossible as it is to define him, it’s even harder to imagine how Fensterman is able to so successfully manage all of passions.

In the beginning, there was the law

Fensterman, a 1978 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, was admitted to practice law in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia, and founded the Abrams, Fensterman law firm in 2000. Since then, the firm has grown to more than 85 attorneys serving clients from offices in Lake Success, Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Rochester in New York.

In one of his most famous cases, Fensterman represented the American Gulf Insurance Company in a suit against the United Arab Emirates and members of the Arab royal family for defrauding 36 prestigious New York-area investors. This case led Fensterman to create the website, which features regular updates on recent scams, fraud, and other threats . As a savvy investor who has crafted lucrative deals for his associates, Fensterman is leveraging his legal expertise to protect other investors from falling victim to similar situations.

Fensterman’s firm specializes in all areas of healthcare law, but has also earned national recognition for their work in other areas. However, Fensterman’s personal dedication to health care issues has led to his appointment by government officials to the New York State Public Health Council and the Public Health and Health Planning Council.

Philanthropist Fensterman

After his success in law and business, Fensterman showed his dedication to health care issues through philanthropy and his work with charities. As a member of the Board of Trustees of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America - Long Island Chapter, Fensterman seeks to raise awareness of and educate others on the issues tackled by the foundation as well as the topics of eldercare, drug addiction, medical technology, and various diseases. In addition to the blog run by Howard Fensterman , he also donates his time and money to the Chabad of Port Washington Sisterhood to support the Israel Children’s Cancer Foundation .

Fensterman’s philanthropic contributions have earned him awards and recognition, but perhaps no honor is as interesting as being included as a character in two of writer Nelson DeMille’s novels . In DeMille’s novel Panther, Fensterman appeared as an agent and special attache to Yemen, while in a second book, Radiant Angel, he appears as a supervisory agent in the New York City office of the FBI. DeMille’s inclusion of Fensterman was a tribute specifically to the attorney’s dedication and contributions to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

For the love of minerals


As if leading the charge against international investment fraud, raising millions of dollars for children suffering from cancer, and being portrayed as a secret agent aren’t enough to keep Fensterman busy, he also serves as a widely recognized and highly respected authority on minerals. An avid collector of gems and minerals, Fensterman created the website , which posts regular educational blog posts on geology, minerals, mining, gemstones, gem hunting, and tips for beginning collectors.


Given this quick overview of Howard Fensterman’s interests and accomplishments, he no doubt has other fascinating facets to his personality that simply haven’t been acknowledged. And who this pace, one day the most interesting Fensterman might just be awarded those two lifetime achievement awards.


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