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If you’ve decided to sell your Shawnee KS home, you are likely thinking of ways to get it market-ready. So are the other home sellers in your area.

In a sea of competing homes all vying for buyers’ attention, how do make your house stand out?


​What sells a house fast

Understanding what buyers want is the key to preparing your house to be more appealing. When you know what they want and what they are looking for, you can prepare and stage your house better.

Different buyers want different things, from style to exterior materials to amenities and numbers of rooms. But as widely different their preferences may be, there are some basic things buyers are looking for when they come for a home showing.


What are some things buyers are looking for?

Generally, most buyers, especially the millenials,  want a move-in ready property. Buying a house means spending a significant amount of money, and any repairs or repainting jobs are a  turn-off because it means spending more.

A reasonably-sized property that offers flexible living spaces is another thing many buyers are on the lookout for. Although there are some who prefer the traditional home-style where there are separate rooms for different functions, most buyers prefer houses with open floor plans for the open and airy look.

Regardless of age, many buyers are looking for conveniently located homes in desirable communities. These would be homes with access to good school districts and offer a shorter commute to work.


How to make your house more appealing

When you are selling a house, aside from knowing how much it is worth and pricing it right, the the best way to make it stand out is to make it respond to what buyers want.

Although there are some variables you cannot control, like the location, there are many things you can do to make your house be the right house for the buyer.

Here are five ways you can turn your Shawnee KS home to a buyer-magnet house.

1. Make it move-in ready. This means your house should be repaired repainted, and cleaned so that all the buyers have to do is unpack their items.

Repair the broken windows and loose cabinets,  replace the leaky faucets, update the lights, etc. Basically, do the necessary cosmetic repairs to make the house ready for its new owners.

Give your home for sale a new feel by repainting it inside and out. Painting is the cheapest way to improve a house. Go for neutral colors rather than bold ones because you want the house to be pleasing to more people, not just your eyes.


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Cleaning is crucial in home selling. You’ve got to clean everything in the house from the cupboards to the top and bottom of the cabinets, under the sink, the corners, the baseboards, the appliances, the basement, everything.

If you have no time to clean, hire some professional cleaners. They can get the house clean and sparkly in no time.

2. Update the kitchen. The kitchen is still the king of the home. Do you know that it is the first place most buyers want to visit first when they come in for home showing?

If the kitchen counter is already showing signs of old age, and there are plenty of cracked tiles on the kitchen and bathroom, it is time to update it.

3. Stage it. When you want a house to sell fast, stage it. Staging sets your home in the best light and makes it more appealing to buyers.

Do you know why you love model homes? Because it gives you that cozy, homey, inviting feel, yet it looks clean and presentable.

That’s what staging does to the home. It helps buyers get a feel of the lifestyle they will enjoy in the house. It helps the buyers imagine the possibilities of each area of the living space.

4. Don’t forget the curb appeal. First impressions matter! When you want a great first impression, work on your curb appeal.

Make sure that the front yard is neat and tidy and has been recently mowed, that the shrubs and flower garden have been neatly trimmed, that the walkway and driveway have been power washed so they look nice and spotless, and that the front porch is clean and inviting.

5. Give it the right price. One of the most important things you can do to make your house attractive to buyers is to price it right. No matter how beautiful a home is, if it is overpriced, it will stay on the market for a long time.

This is where you need the help of a reputable real estate agent like me, Lea Deo, comes in. I can help you price your home right based on the CMA and current real estate market.

Follow these five techniques and see buyers come to your Shawnee home for sale in no time.

Selling your home soon? Call me, Lea Deo, at 913-233-9547 and let’s discuss how we can get your home ready to sell fast and for its best price.



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