Yucaipa CA Home Prices – December 2018

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Yucaipa, California Home Prices - December 2018

Yucaipa home prices are fairly consistent with Riverside County, and somewhat consistent with San Bernardino County's average and median home prices, as shown in the graphs below. These graphs detail prices over the past 5 years, and only include homes, with no land or other real estate included.

Yucaipa Homes For Sale

One of the more telling metrics on these MLS derived graphs is the difference between the current range for Yucaipa'a Average Sales Price around the $425,000 mark, compared to Yucaipa's current Median Sales Price, hovering around $375,000! This highlights more than anything the importance of understanding median prices compared to average prices.

But it also shows the difference of Yucaipa's housing market to it's parent San Bernardino county and its housing data. We have compiled more data and market reports for Yucaipa here. You can also search homes for sale or get an instant, on-demand valuation for any Yucaipa home here.

Average Yucaipa Home Prices – DEC 2018

This graph tracks Yucaipa Average Sales Prices over the past 5 years, and compares the results to that of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties data over the last 5 years:

Median Yucaipa Home Prices – DEC 2018

This graph also details data of Yucaipa's sales prices over the past 5 years, but this time using the median calculations instead of average:

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