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If you read a lot of articles in our local newpapers (you shoudn't), but if you do or you watch the news (you shouldn't) but if you do. I am sure you are hearing all kinds of crazy zanny crap about how it's the end of the world in Real Estate. Please do not buy into this crap. As most of you know other than owning Orlando Shortsale I am a Real Estate and Life Coach. I talk to students eveyday who are buying into this IT"S THE END OF THE WORLD !!!!!!! crap.

It is not the end of the world. Here is the reality. Please take some time and read this post everytime you start feeling like IT"S THE END OF THE WORLD. It is not the end of the world in real estate. We are adjusting to abnormal growth in the market place, ridiculous growth, and historically low interest rates. We are experiencing the after effects of an unbelievable upswing in the real estate market, we are adjusting, we are becoming normal again, THAT'S IT........ All of the major real estate players have been telling us this was comming, SO NOW WHAT.

For Real Estate Agents - look for what the market is willing to give you. Become really great at doing short sale, selling properties as contract for deed, lease options, understand the REO process in and out. Get up early each day and PROSPECT for new business, become a SUPERSTAR at prequalifying buyers and sellers and lastly, be Johnny on the spot when working with Buyers.  YOU WILL BE FIND IF YOU DO THESE THINGS. 

For Home Sellers - You must understand the reality of this marketplace. Let me summorize it like this, if the stock market was tanking, I mean really going down, do you want to be the first one out of a stock at $ 50.00 per share or the last one out at $ 3.00 per share. If you can hold onto your property for 3-5 five years don't put yourself through the wringer trying to get a property sold. If you have to absolutely have to get the property sold, price it to sell, make sure the property is in tip top shape and get out of the way.

For Home Buyers - Look for and purchase the home that you love at the price you want. Do not go around looking for the STEALS - they have alreay been STOLEN. Look for a property at a price that you can afford and make a committment to live there for three years. If you do you will be find. There are great opportunities in Central Florida. Do not make the homebuying process a disaster because you want to buy at $ 300,000 home for $ 150,000 - that deal does not exist and if it did, the bank sold it wholesale and you never had a shot at it anyway. Be realistic, enjoy the process and celebrate you are starting the next chapter of your life.

For the homeseller who has zero equity and is losing their home to foreclosure - Ok, I am going to start by saying, You are not alone. 1 out of every 35 homes in Central Florida is in foreclosure status of some sort. (fact). Second, I absolutely hate that you are going through this and I hope you believe me. I understand and feel for you and your situation. If I may say, You were never defined by your home or where you lived. You were and are defined by the person you are. You are still a great Mom or Dad, Son or Daughter, Friend or Neighbor, No home or loss of one can give that to you or take that away from you. Please hear me on that. In some cases you do not have to lose your house there are several options, so if you are just waiting for the bank to foreclose and have walked away, please give us a call at Orlando ShortSale or email us. Here is how you can contact us by phone 321 388 7055 or by email


To all of you that read this blog thank you and I will see you next time.

Dan - Orlandoshortsale Team



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