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Tips to Secure Small Business Loans – Working Smart with Loan Consultants

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Even with good credit, owners of small and home businesses can spend a lot of time and money securing the small business financing they need to fund and grow their businesses.  Loan consultants can help, but only if business owners "work smart" with them. For anyone seeking small business loans, AfsLoansOnline offers five tips on how to best utilize a loan consultant:


•·         Size, and know-how, counts.  A business loan consultant with a large database is impressive, although the real value rests with the consultants' knowledge of the lenders in their database.  The best will know their lenders well, what their applications require, and their preferred method of business.  We're constantly updating our database (of over 140,000 lenders) to reflect changes in the lenders' offerings as well as our own experience in helping our customers obtain unsecured loans or other small business financing with each of them at  AFSLoansOnline.com.


•·         Get personal.  Personal service doesn't end with local lenders.  Find a consultant whose use of interactive website technology and sophisticated desk top conferencing can bring you "in office" to receive a personalized consultation, study lender disclosures, submit an application, and check on its status - while never leaving your offices or home businesses.  Also, consider the availability of experts to answer questions and consult throughout the entire process.  Approvals on most unsecured loans range from 24-48 hours. AFSLoansOnline.com consultants are available start to finish.


•·         Demand guaranteed success.  Demand that your loan consultant guarantees their success - or will forgo their fee.  Be sure that this not only includes consulting services, but pre-qualifying fees, upfront charges, or any hidden costs.  AFSLoansOnline.com clients receive a 100% approval guarantee where they pay nothing unless they receive their small business loans or line of credit. That means that you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.


•·         Avoid hidden interest rates.  The biggest lenders offer unsecured loans at the best competitive rates.  Look for consultants who pass through those good rates with no hidden charges.  While many interest rate formulas are based on your business credit rating and history, most unsecured or instant loans are offered at prime +2% to prime +7%.  You may even get a better rate if you qualify, but that should be between the lender and you.  At AFSLoansOnline.com, we don't set or mark-up rates.


•·         Don't overpay.  Ask your consultant to provide, in writing, exactly what your charges will be.  Fees should be based solely on your specific loan package and should be due only after your loan has been funded.  In short, don't overpay for small business loans or loan consultation. Click AFSLoansOnline.com to find more information.


•·         About AFSLoansOnline.com is a personalized consulting company which helps business owners secure small business financing, including small business loans, unsecured loans, SBA business loans or other SBA loans, instant loans, a new line of credit or other business credit for small or home businesses.  For those with good credit, AFSLoansOnline.com features financing help with no upfront fees, unsecured and requiring no collateral, based on stated income with no documents, and a quick five minute application.  AFSLoansOnline.com's "100% Approval Guarantee" means if a client isn't approved, their consulting services are free.