What is the Best Mortgage Program for First Time Home Buyers?

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What is the Best Mortgage Program for First Time Home Buyers?

Buying your first home can be a very stressful and confusing time in your life. One of the most difficult choices is what to do abour your mortgage. First time home buers are always trying to figure out what is the best mortgage program for them.

Here are the Most Popular First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Programs:

  • FHA Home Loans - for those with a small down payment
  • VA Home Loans - for first time home buyer veterans or active military
  • Self Employed Mortgages - For those who own businesses but cannot document their income using tax returns
  • USDA Mortgages - for first time home buyers who live in a rural area

These prorgams have many features and benefits that align to first time home buyer needs. Click to read more about what is the best mortgage program for first time home buyers. I will provide more detail on this programs, other mortgage options, plus will answer the following questions...

Can a first time home buyer purchase a home with bad credit?

Are there special interest rates for first time home buyers?

Can I buy a multi family home as a first time home buyer?


Here is another great resource for mortgage rates when you are ready to speak with a loan officer.


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