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That's a teaser title. But hang in there with me. I have a point to make.

I have a lawyer friend. I see all sorts of people asking his legal opinion on matters large and small.

Same goes for my doctor friend.

If someone's an expert, people are going to ask them questions.

So what do we real estate agents get asked all the time (at least, this agent, that is.)

So... what's up with the market?

Where do you think the market's headed?

How's the market?

I figured that if I'm being asked this- there has to be a whole bunch of people asking it on the internet. Or, inversely, lots of people answering that question.


Hunch confirmed, as of the time of this writing, there are 18.5 million answers to that question. As a sort of reward to those wanting a synopsis, here are some of the answers:

Forbes (Feb 13, 2018) calls it an exploding ecosystem. How do I know this? The answer is hidden in the title, "The Future Of Real Estate Tech: How We Got Here And What's Next In An Exploding New Ecosystem".

Summary- Companies are spending bazillions on tech to help you buy real estate.


Want to see into the future? No future date in mind? How about 12.5 months from now? If that's you, PWC Global has you covered with their report "Real Estate 2020: Building the future"

Summary: Investment real estate (non-owner occupied activity) will heat up even more. Tech solutions will abound. We're going to be living in megacities, (really)? My gosh everybody, we're going to have so many senior citizens that it's going to be a problem.


While we're onto reports, here's one from Capital One (with coordination from MIT, yeah, the college full of egg-heads). It's called "Real Trends: The Future of Real Estate in the United States"

Summary: Affordable housing is a concern. We're going to need to figure out what to do about immigrants and all these old people. Hey, technology will come in handy.


OK... if you thought I was going to summarize over 18 million reports, well, I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.

But now let me get to the point. After all, I did ask you to hang in there with me. And I'm happy you've made it this far. 

Now... about predicting the future, here's my opinion:

Don't spend too much time thinking about the future. Experts can predict, but their findings are always subject to too many changing variables. Remember 2007 and the subsequent years? Where were the experts then?

Real estate questions, for your purposes, are very personal. What matters to you? Location? Price? Construction? Traffic? Safety? A view? Schools? Crime? Quality of Life? Access?

Suggestion: Ask an agent. They do real estate for a living. They have experience. They have tools. They also have a duty to represent your wishes.

Interview an agent. Ask your questions. Share what's important to you. Choose the agent who answers your questions the best.

There. I've just saved you years of google searching.


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Chuck Willman
Chuck Willman - Alpine, UT

Thanks for reblogging this one, Robin. Wishing you well in your selling.

Jan 03, 2019 07:26 PM