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Finding clothes to look and, more importantly, FEEL professional in can be REALLY hard.

Today I want to share sometimes to help you do both of those, within budget and feel great about yourself.

Early Pro Tip:  I get a lot of my favorite clothes from Dia & Co -- and I have a whole Dia and Co Review that you might be interested in.

Personally, I'm a plus size girl, so I tend to THINK that I am more self-conscious of my body than other people.  But, the more and more people that I meet, the more I realize that we all have our issues that we're working on -- am I right?

Here are my top 3 tips to FEELING great about what you're wearing:

1.  Pick colors you love.  I tend to wear bright colors because it helps me feel like ME.  When I'm wearing black, I tend to feel like I'm living in mourning, and my personality shows it.

Bright colors help my attitude when I'm difficult situations, and I find that it helps others know a bit more what to expect when I have a bright red sweater on.  Maybe I'm even better at negotiating, who knows (I should test it!)

2.  Don't accentuate what you hate.  For me, that's my lower half.  I tend to wear subdued colors -- even if only for myself that I'm not saying -- WOW, CHECK OUT MY HIPS when I have a bright color on in my hip areas.

If there are outfits that I find myself feeling REALLY self-conscious in, I just get rid of them.

It's just not worth it -- to me, to be wearing stuff that I hate.  I will often find a friend that I think it will fit better, or I donate it to a thrift store.  There is always a lot of use that other people can have from my mistaken purchase. :)

3.  Get some outside help.

One thing that has REALLY helped me step out of my comfort zone of blue stripes has been trying some fashion subscription boxes.  As I mentioned above I LOVE Dia & Co.

At first, it was really hard for me to try a fashion subscription box -- I have a whole post where I compare Plus Size fashion subscription options (btw, plus size is really anything above 14, so it has a lot of sizes).

For me, fashion subscriptions allow you:

  • To try new things
  • Get better quality than you might otherwise (quality has been a big issue for me lately, as I find things I like at Ross or Marshall's, but then they don't wash well)
  • Get someone else's idea of what might look good on you -- and even if you don't like THAT thing -- you might open your eyes to some other options.

A few tips to getting a subscription you really like (I have a whole post just on Stitch fix for plus size ladies)

Make sure that you fill out the questionnaire!  Make sure that you have a good 15 minutes when you sit down to do it -- and make sure that you have/can quickly get your measurements when you do it.  That questionnaire is the difference between getting what you love and it not actually be worth your time.

Have an open mind when you get the box.  Be READY to try new things, don't expect to get stuff like you already have in your closet.

Once you've tried on and decided what you plan to keep -- make sure that you give a LOT of input as to why you liked or didn't like certain items.  That will also REALLY be worth your time!

Finally, often these programs will have a free styling fee.  I often have one in that Dia & Co Post that I put at the top of this page.  Using that will help you feel less "tied down" when you go to purchase.

Honestly, sometimes it takes the companies a time or two to get it right -- which makes sense since they REALLY need your input to get it right.

Either way, I think you should really try it!  I think you'll like it -- and you'll make 2019 look great on you!


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