Three Things you should consider when getting paint job done for your house

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Painting adds a sense of freshness and charm to your old room. It helps you in increasing its value, make it more presentable and sellable in the market. But to most of the individuals, it is a hard job and they are unable to go about this the right way. So, as you finalize the contract with residential painter in Cherry Hill, here is what you should know.


Selecting the paint

There are two primary choices in front of you when you are going to select the paint; latex and oil.

Latex is the most common choice and is used on most of the walls. It is known for its durability and easy to clean features. Also, this paint is less likely to fade away with time, and also breathes better when you compare it with the oil. Also, the paint blisters less and is first choice for many individuals.


On the other hand, you have the oil paint. This one is great for priming real wood moldings and doing the trim. The oil paint will seal the stains and knots. Compared to latex if done on wood, this certainly feels better. However, it will take more time to dry.


Selecting the sheen

Sheen has a huge impact and it depends on the individuals in your house. If you have small children or there is a room with decent traffic, you may like to select the glossier paint. It is easy to clean and makes a great choice for living and playrooms. Also, it is used in kitchen as this type of paint can withstand grease better than the others. However, it may end up highlighting the blemishes and imperfections and can make your surroundings look inappropriate due to its shine.

On the other hand, you have semi gloss which is again a great choice for kitchens and baths. The ease of cleaning and washing makes it a preferred choice for these places. Moreover, if you have problem with the shine and gloss of the sheen above, this one would come one step lower. Also, this kind of sheen is cheaper than gloss and can give a smooth finish.

But for those of you that want to hide imperfections on a wall and want a low profile job, flat or matte paint is a great pick. A single coat of paint will be enough to work but it does not work great in rooms where you may touch the walls frequently. The dirt is more visible and they are tough to clean.


Selecting the color

This is where you can talk to the salesperson at your local paint store, take a look at the brochures and paint schemes, and ask the home painters in Cherry Hill to help you. After all, it is all about personal preference and what you want. However, if you are looking to sell your home, it is recommended to go with white or off-white color as it will make your rooms bright and allow the buyer to do any coat he wants over the white.

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