Interior Design Trends that are headed out the door in 2019

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Decorating and designing the inside of a home has gotten easier and harder at the same time. Would you agree? With all of the websites and apps to follow, it's hard to keep up with what's in and what's out. After spending hours upon hours pouring over Pinterest boards, design blogs, Instagram  and more looking for ideas, sometimes it's difficult to let go of the looks you have worked so hard to achieve. But.... style is ever changing. Even the most incredibly well thought out design and decor can get boring and stale after a while.

Style and design trends come and go, some more quickly than others. And some, well, they hang on well past their expiration date. I'm not saying throw out your most prized lamps and pilows and throws, but if you are ready for a change, ask yourself if any of your decor has worn out its welcome. recently released an article title "Thank U, Next: 8 Interior Design Trends That Are So Over in 2019" By Heather Donahoe/ Dec 6, 2018, Check it out here 



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So, what's out (and in) in 2019?

1. Photo Gallery Walls are OUT. The days of lots of framed photos on the wall are over and are now seen as cluttered and overlooked. Try replacing your photo galleries with one big, colorful piece of artwork that packs a punch. You can even DIY, think large canvas with splashes of paint or large brush stroke designs.


2. Industrial Kitchens are OUT. Now considered cold and unviting. Make the kitchen the heart of your home with warm, rich and luscious colors and darker woodwork.

3. Boho is OUT. If you can't say no to boho, consider consolidating to one special bohemian themed piece such as a rug and build the room around that. Think less is more.

4. Word Art is OUT. I know lots of people who will not like or agree with this one. It's time to take the words off of your walls. Again, less is more.

5. Kitchen Islands are OUT. I'm not even sure I can get onboard with this one. They are now seen as bulky and not providing adequate storage. Some design experts suggest moving the dining room table closer to the kitchen and/or using moveable storage units instead. 

6. Over the stove microwaves are OUT. What? Wait. Where will I put my microwave?? Undercounter microwaves and microwave drawers are gaining popularity. A change in location also allows for more ventilation for your stove and makes it easier for shorter people and children to use it.

7. Gray as the go-to neutral for everything is OUT. Gray has been made popular in recent years by home stagers and flippers and is starting to get dated, cold and overused. What's in? Warmer toned neutrals, think taupe.

8. Microfiber Upholstery is OUT. A trend that became popular because of it's durability and affordability is now seen as dated and cheap. What's in? Linen, Leather and canvas type fabrics. 


At the end of the day, you can choose to keep up with the trends or not. But.... if you are thinking about selling your home, think about paying attention to what current buyers are looking for and what's considered "IN," you don't want your home to get passed over because it appears dated. A freshening up can go a long way. 


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