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These days, we're all very aware of just how bad air pollution has become. Most of the worlds largest cities are reaching near catastrophic levels that are extremely hazardous to our health. It will come as no surprise then that the air purification market is booming right now.

For many years, most of us had no idea about the benefits of an air purifier and so could not benefit from the uber clean air they can provide our homes. Sweeping out the dirt will only clean the floor surface, which is a ritual for must of us when cleaning our homes, but more often than not this actually makes things worse. It whips up fine particles of dust and other pollutants into the air, which in turn are then inhaled by one of our family members.

With more studies coming out by the month, it's becoming very clear just how dangerous the air is in our homes as well as outdoors and air purifiers are now seen as the last line of defense – especially for those of us that suffer from the dreaded allergies. An air purifier works flawlessly as a safety guard against risky airborne irritants, sucking up even the tiniest of molecules.

If you do not know much about air purifiers, we suggest you start by reading this airmega 400S review that freshairguide recently published. It's becoming widely acclaimed as one of the best purifiers in the business and set to win quite a number of awards.

The Airmega 400S has prodigious features including a good filter combination, four fan speeds, and a nice control panel.


It has advanced filters such as Washable Pre-Filter, Max2 Filter Set: TrueHEPA, Activated Carbon filter. These filters help the Airmega 400s to net the microscopic particles as well as big particles or hair in the room. The 400s has the capability to knock out most of the pet dudgeon and seasonal pollen in the air out of even large sized rooms like the basement.


Other features:

The Coway Airmega has countable features, which is the reason it's winning so many plaudits. Check out just a few of them:

Sleep mode: this mode is stimulated according to the aura of the surroundings when there is no or less light and the quality of the air is moderate for around three minutes, the mode recedes the noise pollution. The sleep mode activates automatically but if the light is on for a few minutes, it will go off and you will have to turn it on manually.


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