When does Green building equal $1 Billion dollars?

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When it's in Vail, of course.  Today Vail Resorts announced plans to build what they call the largest Green resort village in North America.

Where will they find the land, you ask? Why, West Vail.......errrr......Ever Vail (as the new resort area will be dubbed) of course. Ever Vail will be 1 Million square feet, of which somewhere around 650,000 square feet will be residential, 100,000 square feet retail of office space (which should include restaurants) and a new parking grage and a new park (maybe you will need to park in the parking garage to get to the park!). Ever Vail will also add a new gondola to the already mamoth ski resort area.

How in world will this $1 Billion dollar project be Green? I'm not sure building another million square feet in the Valley can be, but Vail Resorts stated that at least all the buildings will be developed to meet LEED standards for certification, which provides independent verification that the developer is acting environmentally responsible and sustainable in their design.  I wonder if the park will meet the standards?

View more information about the LEED program online at http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CategoryID=19


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